Create healthy digital habits with Google Family Link

Creating healthy digital habits is necessary in all families today. The minors in the house, children and adolescents, frequently use mobile devices. It is clear that, although there are many people who do not understand it that way, they cannot do it without control.

Google Family Link is what it aims to achieve. They tell us clearly on the main page of the support website : Help your family create healthy digital habits . To achieve this, they have put into action an application for Android mobile devices and also for iPhone, available for fathers, mothers or guardians .

What does Google Family Link offer?

It is an application that allows you to establish certain basic rules to guide, while controlling, your children. You do this while they learn, play, and make new discoveries using their digital device(s). It falls within what is known as parental control or parental controls .

In the case of children under 13 years of age, Family Link allows them to create Google accounts with access to most of the services offered by the platform. The main advantage of this application is that children can be guided, preventing them from accessing spaces that are not valid for them.


The features that this tool offers parents and guardians can be summarized in the following sections:

  • Consult the activity of minors : It is not enough to leave them the mobile or tablet and allow them to do what they want. Depending on what interests them, it is possible to make decisions that satisfy their tastes and needs. Hence the importance of being able to know which are their favorite apps and knowing the time they spend with each one.
  • Manage applications : As a parent or guardian you will receive notifications indicating the application that your child or children want to download. So you can allow or not the download. You can also approve or disapprove the completion of proposed purchases in certain applications.
  • Feeding children’s curiosity : Discovering all the appropriate applications is not an easy task. Family Link will show recommendations, provided by teachers and other experts, that can help you when making a decision in order to make proposals to your child or children.

To consider

Controlling the time a minor is in front of a device screen is essential. They cannot use it at their free will. As a manager you can, thanks to Family Link , set the limits and not allow them to be exceeded.

Locking the device until a certain time is also possible. Every day is different and habits that mark the use of the mobile cannot be created. If at any time there is a special activity planned, as the person responsible for the minors, it is possible to block the mobile until a certain time.

Another of the functions that this application supports is the ability to find out where the minors are, it includes a tool to locate the children. It is clear that it will work as long as the minor or minors carry their mobile with them.


This is a free application that can be downloaded directly from the corresponding application on the mobile device. You can also access Google Play to download the app for Android, or the App Store to download it for iPhone.