Create inspiring presentations and images online with Prezi

It has been said since time immemorial that a picture is worth a thousand words, but presentations that combine images, text, sounds and videos are even more valuable. Prezi offers a program and an online service that allows you, using the application they offer you, to create spectacular presentations, in which zoom is used as the main element.

Although it is not the only existing tool , with Prezi you will be able to design clear and attractive presentations in order to show lessons, tutorials or similar creations. On the website they tell us what their mission is: the best way to participate and connect from home, the office, in class or anywhere .

What does Prezi offer?

You will have a large number of personalized templates, accompanied by multimedia utilities, which will allow you to bring your project to life. After you’ve pre-designed your presentation, get ready to create and edit it.

In the free trial space that they offer you, you can make presentations without limits. If you need more space and extended functions, you will have to resort to one of the paid options. In the educational field there are also two payment packages. But there are still more packages, intended for individual work and also for companies.

Thus, depending on the plan chosen, it is possible to have, in addition to the aforementioned unlimited presentations, offline access, the creation of portable presentations, the ability to export to PDF, or privacy control, among other options.

To consider

To start using Prezi you have to register and select a type of license. To test the service, start by choosing Standard , which you can try for free. You will have to enter your personal data and accept the terms of service. You will see the power of the application and you will discover its ease of use. Unleash your imagination.

This is a tool designed for non-designers. Before starting you can carry out tests playing with the templates that are offered to you. The tool supports adaptation on the fly, making presentation customization without having to review all the slides. Also, depending on the chosen plan, it is possible to track who views the presentations.


With Prezi it is possible to work collaboratively, create team presentations from anywhere and at any time. The program is ideal for visually explaining the relationships between various ideas, complex content, the new and the old. Images and videos will serve as reinforcement in any presentation. And all this using a computer or a mobile device. Whenever a change occurs, synchronization will be automatic thanks to the Prezi cloud .


To get what we propose, access .