Create SHORTCUT Of A Web Page In Android

Google Chrome is without a doubt one of the best Android browsers you can use on your mobile phone . It offers great variety and customization as well as being very fast and search engine friendly . One of the most used functions is to create a shortcut to a web page in Google Chrome on Android , today we are going to see what steps you have to follow to put your web page on your desktop step by step.

Create Shortcut Of A Web Page In Android

If you create a direct access to a web page you will increase its productivity since you will be able to run it from the same desktop . Next we are going to explain the steps so that you know how to create a shortcut for a web page on Android .

Steps To Create Shortcut To Web Page In Chrome

The first thing you must do to put a shortcut on the desktop is to open Google Chrome on Android and go to the web which you want to create your shortcut . Once inside we look at the top right where the 3 points are , click on them.

A menu will open with many options. The one we are interested in is adding to the home page , we enter inside.

We will get a floating window that says “Add To Home Screen” , we enter “Add Automatically” .

Now we will see that we can edit the name of the shortcut icon to the writing . Once we finish we click on “Add” .

And that’s it, we already know how to create a direct access to a web page on our Android desktop .

If you have had any questions about how to create a shortcut to a web page in Chrome , you can send me a comment, I promise to answer. You have at your disposal all the buttons of social networks to share content thank you very much and have a great day.