Cut music and create ringtones on Android

Sometimes we would like to use a song or a melody as a ringtone on our Android phone. There is some other way to do it, but the easiest is using an application originally called  Ringtone Maker . With it you can select a specific part of an audio file and use what it contains as a ringtone.

What does Ringtone Maker offer?

With this tool you can get the mobile to show an original sound when we receive a call. It is also possible to use the audio portion obtained as a notification tone, for example, when a WhatsApp message or a Facebook notice is received. The management of the clipping process is very intuitive and the results can be shared with friends and acquaintances.

The tool supports the most popular audio file formats: MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR, FLAC, and others. In addition to cutting files stored on the device, it is also possible to record a portion of audio and use what is obtained as a source file.


Among the features that adorn  Ringtone Maker, the following stand out:

  • It is possible to select the music stored on your mobile device and then choose the part that you are going to cut from the song.
  • What has been cut can be saved as a ringtone, alarm, notification or also as a new song to listen to. You can also share it.
  • Find all music, audio files stored in phone memory and SD cards.
  • It supports audio editing with two options: trim (remove the part that is to the left and right of what you want to select) and it is also possible to remove the part that is in the center of the marked areas.
  • Parts must be selected by setting start and end for the audio clip or by using an optional touch interface.
  • Allows you to record live audio or music for editing.
  • Includes an option to remove (with user confirmation) from the created tone.
  • It also includes an option to name the new trim clip while saving.
  • It is possible to set the new clip as default ringtone or assign it to one or several contacts, using the editor that the app has .


It is an application for Android devices that can be downloaded without problems from  Google Play . To know all its features and also download it directly, you must access Ringtone Maker . It is a free application.