Data stolen on Android devices with Stalkerware

There are more and more risks when using a computer or mobile device to connect to the Internet. There is a wide variety of malware that, after infecting the computer, is responsible for collecting, in a large number of cases, relevant information.

Along these lines is Stalkerware , a recently discovered tool that acts like sypware , stealing information from the infected Android device. And not only that, it also controls the movements of the person handling the mobile.

What does Stalkerware do?

The tool works together with a series of applications that each have specific purposes. Thus, among the data collected by Stalkerware and the applications that accompany it, are the calls made from the mobile phone, the text messages sent and received, the photos, the locations registered in the GPS, and also the history of the web browser .

As we can see, the actions of this spyware reach high levels of damage, especially affecting privacy attacks. To install the different elements that make up the program, it uses different social engineering strategies.

How does Stalkerware work?

Among the items that are part of Stalkerware are the following:

  • Android Monitors : This is a keylogger . As such it deals with collecting the keystroke, in order to use the collected data. This will be used so that outsiders can access personal accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, or any application that requires the insertion of a username and password to access.
  • Wi-Fi Settings : Although initially it is presented as an app to manage Wi-Fi networks, what it does is steal the personal data of the mobile owners.
  • Auto Forward : It is capable of collecting the information that we have already indicated. Thus, it takes note of the location data, the WhatsApp messages, the call list, or the installed applications, among other possible actions.

protection above all

Everyone who uses a mobile device, especially one with Android installed, should use an application that protects against viruses, spyware and other types of malware.

If you download apps from platforms outside of Google Play , you have to be very careful, especially when you don’t know the source. Although infections can come from anywhere, they are more likely to come from the aforementioned third-party platforms.

One last recommendation is that the mobile have everything it contains updated, from the operating system to the installed applications. With this you will always be up to date. Today, most of the creators of apps , when they detect a bug or problem, they stage an update.

Source: GB Hackers on Security