Database corruption in SQL Server: How can you fix this problem?

Do you know how database corruption occurs in SQL server? And what methods should you follow to prevent or repair corrupt or damaged database in SQL server? This is an important thing you need to remember as this is where all the valuable data from the SQL database is stored.

Sometimes, you will face situations where SQL database gets corrupted and its essential data items become inaccessible. Is there anything you can do to help you deal with SQL database corruption? Continue reading the article to find out more. 

What should you check when database corruption occurs in SQL server?

Although there are not many things that you need to watch out for, there are a couple of important things that you need to check whenever you are faced with SQL server database corruption.

MS SQL is known as a rational database management system which is developed by MS developers. This is one of the most famous relational databases in the world for managing and storing valuable information. 

If you are facing database corruption on the SQL Server , you will face a lot of problems. When it comes to storing your valuable pieces of information in MS SQL, there are only two essential things to keep in mind: ensuring that the data is accessible by the authorized person and inaccessible by the unauthorized person .

All SQL server related problems are related to these two issues: If the data cannot be accessed in time, it may not be available later.

Do you know where database corruption occurs in SQL Server?

It doesn’t matter which SQL server you’re using, all the different versions of SQL Server store the database in an identical file format. Here are the file formats you should know about:

  • MDF File : It is known as the primary data file which is also called the master database file. This file is automatically created when a user attempts to create a database using the .mdf file extension. The MDF file contains the schema with the data. 
  • NDF File : It is known as the secondary data file. This data file type is optional and user-defined. Therefore, you can extend the size of the database as you wish. Even if you have a single database, you can store more than one file by using the .ndf file extension. 
  • LDF file : It is known as log data file. The LDF is the most comprehensive SQL server file format. Transactions that are performed on the SQL server are stored using the .ldf file extension.

What are the causes of database corruption in SQL Server?

Various causes can corrupt SQL server database. However, in most of the situations, SQL server database corruption is caused by I/O subsystem level related issues. This is also known as the failure of drives, drivers and controllers. The cause of SQL server database corruption depends on the particular situations. Here are the common causes of database corruption on SQL servers that you need to know about:

  • Database misbehavior in SQL server due to errors.
  • Hardware failure. According to Ccny Tech, heat can cause hardware failure.
  • Problems detaching or attaching the SQL MDF file.
  • Malware or virus infections.
  • An abrupt system shutdown, while SQL is running in the background.

How can you deal with database corruption in SQL server?

Whenever you come across SQL server database corruption, you need to remember a couple of useful steps that will help you mitigate the chances of essential data loss as well as reduce downtime while running. produces the repair of problems. Remember that the causes of SQL database corruption are different and their impact varies. Here are some examples you should know about:

  • SQL Page Level Corruption : SQL database corruption can occur on the server page where the actual data is stored. These are extremely important to keep data storage and server functionality in the proper phase. 
  • Index Corruption : Indexes will help you to access SQL server database and table within a couple of seconds. Corruption is possible in the index or other types of structures.
  • Corruption in key pages : If the SQL server pages are identical to the header file and are used to locate the data or other structures or indexes in the database, these types of corruption will prove fatal. 

Professional Method to Repair SQL Database Corruption

You can use SQL Database Repair Tool that will help you fix this problem as soon as possible. Not to mention, you won’t lose your precious data items due to database corruption on SQL server. With the help of this tool, you will be able to remove all types of SQL corruption while also having great authority to repair corrupted SQL database without causing damage to original data files.


Repairing corrupt SQL server database is extremely important. If your SQL server database has been corrupted, be sure to access DataNumen SQL Recovery and contact the people responsible for the tool.