DELETE Instagram Account FOREVER

Without a doubt, with more than 1 billion users worldwide , Instagram is an emerging social network. This does not mean that it is not exempt from controversies in terms of privacy and is that the ways in which Facebook violates the advertising of its users has prompted many Internet users to unsubscribe from their social network profiles and this naturally also includes Instagram . That is why today we are going to see a method to delete an Instagram account forever in less than 1 minute.

How do I delete an account on Instagram?

You should know that until recently you could only disable the account on Instagram temporarily , which without any place violates our privacy rights . Today, however, we are going to teach you the 2 ways to cancel an Instagram account:

  1. How to deactivate Instagram account temporarily.
  2. Delete Instagram account completely.

How to Deactivate My Instagram Account Temporarily?

This is the classic way to delete the account on Instagram , since in the past we could only deactivate it temporarily . So if you want to take a break from this social network for a while and come back after a few weeks, this is the best option.

Disable Instagram Temporarily

To deactivate the Instagram account temporarily you must enter the following link .

Remember that you can temporarily disable your Instagram account from the PC or from your Smartphone, not from the application . To do this, you only have to enter your password again and click on “temporarily disable the account” .

DELETE Instagram Account FOREVER

Now we can permanently unsubscribe Instagram in less than 1 minute . You just have to follow the following steps.

Delete Instagram Account Completely

To disable Instagram forever , you must enter this link and follow the instructions.

You just have to enter your password in the corresponding section and click on where it says “Delete my Instagram account permanently” .