Detect and remove viruses that are transmitted through USB drives

Detecting and removing viruses embedded in USB drives is very important. With this we will prevent our computer from becoming infected. Special vigilance must be exercised when using these devices, especially when they are in different hands and are used on different computers.

Some time ago, a colleague brought me a USB disk, a pen disk , so that I could transfer some images stored on it to my computer. When I opened the device, I found that it was infected . The infection came from the computers of the educational center where said person was a teacher. It was later found that all the computers in the computer room at the center were infected.

It is not the only case that has arisen in this regard, there are many others. If someone inserts a disk into the USB port of one of the computers and it has a virus or other type of malware, in most cases the computer will be infected, thus giving rise to a chain of infections.

Protection against viruses transmitted by USB devices

To protect any computer equipment against possible infections or to eliminate the ones that are active, there is an application, UsbFix , which takes care of controlling all the attacks that occur through USB devices.

The program will not only clean these drives but also SD cards and PCs. There is a free version of the program, which offers full protection and activates cleaning. There is also a  Premium version and a Maintenance version, with more features.


Among the features offered by UsbFix, the following stand out:

  • In the event that you need help as a user, you can receive it directly from the program’s interface. It is also possible to resort to the support forums.
  • The program updates virus definitions frequently.
  • UsbFix removes all infections and protects against possible attacks.
  • Repair damaged files. It does it in the Windows Registry files , in the hidden files, in the Task Manager , and in many other elements.
  • Allows you to make backup copies of folders and files for later restorations.
  • It offers a vaccination option in order to prevent future infections by creating new autorun.inf files on removable drives.

To consider

What UsbFix tries and achieves is to stop or clean infections that start from a USB drive, mainly USB thumb drives. Malware and viruses can spread from one computer to another via an infected drive.

Those responsible for this application tell us the following about it:

« UsbFix is ​​a software developed by El Desaparecido de SOSVirus . This security software removes USB viruses like shortcut virus. The utility removes viruses from your computer so the infection does not spread to other PCs on the network or on an external NAS drive .”


To get this application in any of its versions, free or paid, you have to access UsbFix . It is a program that works on the latest versions of Windows and has just been recently updated. Supported languages ​​include Spanish.