Detected Commercial Use In TeamViewer Quick and Easy Solution

TeamViewer is one of the most popular
software designed to connect remotely in the world. This tool allows you to control other computers simultaneously, it is the most used by software maintenance technicians, installing programs and solving problems from several devices at the same time.

TeamViewer is characterized by its comfort and accessibility, it can be used from several computers and see on one of the screens something similar to when sharing a screen from a laptop to the TV. This application allows you to obtain all the information from a computer without having to physically go to the place where it is located, it is very useful especially for work groups located in different cities.

TeamViewer’s benefits in the field of work and education are endless, but it presents an error that is causing more and more headaches for its users. Out of the blue, a notification appears in TeamViewer stating “commercial use detected” and it cannot be removed, in fact it crashes the app and you cannot continue using the program.

Why Does The Commercial Use Detected Message Appear In TeamViewer? 2023

This is an error message that appears when the software supposedly detects that it is being used for commercial purposes . However, in the vast majority of cases these are false positives, so below we will give you a series of tips that you can follow to try to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Previous Advice If YOU ARE NOT AN EXPERT In Computers

The steps to solve the TeamViewer error have some complexity, although nothing that cannot be solved with a few previous tips.

If you don’t know how to uninstall a program, you have to go to the “control panel” option from settings or the Windows space bar if you can’t find it. Go to the “program” option, if you select the specific program that you want to uninstall, you will only see an option that indicates “uninstall or change”, click on uninstall and it would already be eliminated.

In the following steps we will see that you have to install a file cleaner, you can do it manually, but you will not see much of the duplicate copies or residual files on your device. There are applications like CCleaner that perform a deep analysis of the computer. This application is easy to use and very intuitive, it analyzes all the files on your computer and automatically selects what it considers to be junk files. Then you will only have to select those files that you want to delete and click on “delete”.

Before starting any procedure, you must check the network panel of your computer (with the WIFI icon) and access the Firewall section. It is essential to check that it has been assigned correctly and that it does not interfere with the application.

One last piece of advice is to write down the MAC address for other occasions, it is possible that you may need it in the future and, as we will see below, the steps to access it can be somewhat complicated.

How to Fix “Commercial Use Detected” in TeamViewer Quick and Easy 2023

To fix the aforementioned error there are a number of alternatives that we are going to show you below. One option will be using a tool that deletes the residual files from the computer, and the other is placing a new MAC address.

In order to start this procedure, the first thing you have to do is uninstall the TeamViewer application . Then you will have to install a special cleaning program that is responsible for eliminating all residual files, we recommend one like CCleaner.

The next step is to analyze all the programs and files on your computer to select which specific elements you want to delete with the application, when they are selected click on “clean” or “delete”. We also recommend that you delete copies of documents or photos that are automatically generated on your computer, but this is simply to improve its performance.

Once the cleaning of the device is done, you will have to reinstall the TeamViewer program. Before entering your passwords for the account you had active, enter a new email to create a new account, with this you will ensure that the message “commercial use detected” does not appear.

How to Resolve “Commercial Use Detected” in TeamViewer Definitely 2023

With a new account, the “commercial use detected” warning error will no longer appear, but there is no guarantee that it will appear again in a while.

Put A New MAC Address On The Computer

If the idea of ​​creating a new TeamViewer account doesn’t excite you, either because you lose certain data or because you don’t have any more email accounts that you can use, there is another alternative. A very effective method so that the annoying “commercial use detected” does not appear in TeamViewer is to put a MAC address .

To do this you have to go to settings, the options bar or the equipment information, the way to go will change depending on the computer model. Then you will have to go to “this computer” and by right clicking you have to select the “properties” option.

The next step is to click on the “device administrator” option, a window will open and you will have to go to the network adapters section. Choose the name of your network (if you do not remember you can check it in the manufacturer’s box or in the online account of the network provider), right-click on the “properties” option and click on “advanced network options”. grid”.

This step is tricky so pay attention. Within advanced options you must click on the “locally administered address” option, if you look closely you will see a blank box on the right called “value”. If you select that box, a list with data from the computer’s network will open, there you will see “MAC: (…)” followed by a series of letters and numbers. In the MAC box you have to put a new MAC address , you can modify it to your liking.

In order for it to be saved as a new connection, you will need to restart your computer. Once the computer has restarted, uninstall the TeamViewer application. When you download TeamViewer again, the application will read the new MAC address and the error “commercial use detected” will not appear, and best of all, without having to change users.

With either of these two methods you can solve the problem of TeamViewer with the “commercial use detected” notification, although the first may be the easiest and fastest, but also the least effective. Once done, you can continue using the application normally.

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