Diablo Immortal Looks BLURRY SOLUTION?

Diablo Immortal is without a doubt one of the most anticipated sagas of mobile games in recent years and I can say that after trying it, it will be a before and after in the titles of this Blizzard franchise . Proof of this is that the game has been in development for many years and has been taken care of with great care, however, that does not mean that it is not without flaws . In MrAppsGeek we have already dealt with many of them, such as what to do if it closes , if you use up a lot of battery or even if your mobile phone gets hot. Today, however, we are going to focus on a problem that we are more than sure you will have when you play for the first time and that is that you will notice that Diablo Immortal looks blurry but don’t worry, throughout this article we will give you the solution.

Why does Diablo Immortal look blurry on my phone? 2023

  • You have low quality graphics enabled.
  • The game has a low resolution.
  • You have disabled the “Image Sharpening” option ( Image Sharpening ).

How to prevent Diablo Immortal from being blurry step by step 2023

The first thing we must do is activate the ultra graphics in Diablo Immortal and raise the resolution of the game .

To do so we will have to select the 3 horizontal lines in the upper right right on the game screen.

On the next screen we will have to access settings, which is the gear-shaped icon.

How To Raise The Resolution To Diablo Immortal Easy And Fast 2023

In game settings we must follow the following steps:

  1. We enter “Graphics” .
  2. On the left side we select ultra graphics (or the maximum graphics that your Smartphone allows).
  3. We select the maximum resolution that our mobile device allows us.
  4. Finally, to increase the sharpness in Diablo Immortal to the maximum we will have to activate the option “Image Sharpening” (Image Sharpening) (this option will prevent it from being blurred).

It should be noted that all these options will make Diablo Immortal look sharper but in return it will spend more battery and the mobile will get hotter since your device will use all its power to move this game to that quality.

Below I will leave you some comparative screenshots where you can see how Diablo Immortal has stopped looking cloudy .



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