Disable Automatic Start of Programs in Windows 11

As you well know, any program that starts automatically together with the operating system will end up slowing down our PC. That is why, in MrAppsGeek we have already seen how to block Skype at the Start or other applications such as Discord . Today, however, we are going to go a step further, since we will teach you how to disable the automatic start of programs in Windows 11 . In this way you will learn to block any third-party app at system startup .

How to Avoid Automatic Startup of Programs in Windows 11 Step by Step 2023

The first step will be to enter the system services, which is basically a list where the different tools that run on our operating system appear.

To access this section we will have to open “Run” using the following keyboard combination :

  • Windows + R.

Once opened, write “msconfig” (without quotes) and press “OK”, as indicated in the following image.

Once inside the system configuration we must select the “Services” tab and follow the steps that I indicate below:

  1. We select the hide all Microsoft services box (this way only non-Microsoft programs that are loaded together with Windows 11 will appear).
  2. We select “Disable All” .

In this way we will disable any program that does not belong to Microsoft (in other words that belongs to Windows 11).

How to prevent programs from starting by themselves in Windows 11 Easy and Fast 2023

Apart from what has been seen previously, we can also block the start of programs from the Task Manager .

To do this, the first thing we will have to do is place the mouse cursor over the Start button and right-click. This will open a small menu with many options among which are the “Task Manager” , we select it.

How to Disable Automatic Start of Programs in Windows 11 2023

Once inside this tool we can block the program that we want to prevent it from starting together with the operating system. To do this we will only have to follow these steps:

  1. We select the “Start” tab .
  2. Then we select any program and give the right mouse button .
  3. A small menu will appear in which we can disable it .

How to Enable Program Services in Windows 11 2023

In the event that you want to re-enable the program services in Win 11, it will be enough to follow these instructions again:

We open “Run” using the following keyboard combination:

  • Windows + R.

Once opened, write “msconfig” (without quotes) and press “OK” , as indicated in the following image.

In the “Services” tab we select the following options:

  1. We activate the “Hide All Microsoft Services” tab .
  2. We select all the services that appear available.
  3. Finally we click on “Enable All” .

If you have any kind of doubt with this tutorial, you can always feel free to leave a comment and don’t forget that you can share this article with your friends and family through your social networks. Greetings!