Disable Tab Grouping in Google Chrome

One of the most disastrous novelties of the Google browser on mobiles is without a doubt the grouping of tabs , these will be added to your grid as we open new ones. The problem with this implementation is that it is not to everyone’s liking but… Don’t worry! In MrAppsGeek we have the solution since we will teach you how to deactivate the grouping of tabs in Google Chrome just by following this steps.

What Is The Google Chrome Grid View And What Is It?

The new Chrome Grid view consists of grouping the tabs individually so that we have a preview of it in a more detailed way . I’ll leave you an image below so you can see what exactly it consists of.

The problem is that it is not to everyone’s liking since many people are familiar with the classic Chrome tabs environment which was the following.

But don’t worry, all is not lost as below we will show you how to remove the Grid tabs from Chrome on Android .

How to Disable Tab Grouping in Google Chrome Step by Step 2023

If the new Tab Grid view doesn’t quite convince you, you can reactivate the classic mode. To do this we must go to the address bar and follow these steps:

  1. We write the command “chrome://flags” (without quotes).
  2. In the search engine we write “Grid” (without quotes).
  3. In “Tab Grid Layout” we select the section that says “Default” .

How to Remove Grid View in Google Chrome on Android Easy and Fast 2023

We change from “Default” to “Disabled” (disconnect).

In order for the changes to be saved, we must click on “Relaunch” (restart).

Now we will see how all our tabs look with the old design (remember that you can reverse the process as many times as necessary).

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