Disable Window Animations In Windows 10

Disable window animations in Windows 10 is a resource that every user should know since it is one of the actions that you must do if you have a low-end PC and you would like to optimize Windows 10 to the maximum . This is because when you maximize or minimize windows in this operating system, a transition effect occurs that ends up consuming system resources . But don’t worry, in MrAppsGeek we teach you how to remove it very easily.

How to Remove Windows Animation in Windows 10 Step by Step 2023

To eliminate the effects of windows in Windows 10 , the first thing we must do is use the following quick keyboard shortcut :

  • Windows + R.

This will open the “Run” window in which we must write the following command:

  1. We write without quotes “sysdm.cpl”.
  2. We click on “Accept” .

This will open the “System Properties” menu in which we must follow these steps:

  1. We enter “Advanced Options” .
  2. In the “Performance” section we enter “Settings” .

Disable Animations When Minimizing and Maximizing Windows In Windows 10 Easy and Fast 2023

Now we just have to go down a bit and activate the “Customize” boxes and then do the following:

  1. We deactivate the tab that says “Animate Windows when Minimizing and Maximizing” .
  2. We click on “Apply” .

Avoid Animated Effects When Maximizing And Minimizing In Win 10

Now every time we go to the taskbar to maximize or minimize a program we will see how the window effects for Windows 10 have completely disappeared . In this way, our PC will run smoother if it has little RAM and little power, since disabling the animations that Windows brings by default consumes less computer resources.

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