Doom 2016 Moves By Itself On Nintendo Switch Solution

Have you bought Doom 2016 and have you noticed that your character moves by itself every time you turn the Nintendo Switch ? What kind of witchcraft is this? Don’t worry, nothing happens to the game and your Switch is not possessed, this title simply uses some sensors of the console to help aim with movement . This is something we’ve already seen in other titles like Fortnite , Apex Legends , OverWatch 2 , or even classic Doom . For this reason, throughout this simple The MrAppsGeek tutorial we will show you how you can disable the accelerometer in Doom 2016 on Nintendo Switch .

Why Doom 2016 Moves Only On Nintendo Switch?

This happens because you have activated the Accelerometer in the game , luckily it is easy to deactivate and throughout this article you will learn how to do it.

What Is The Motion Sensor In Doom 2016 On Nintendo Switch And What Is It For?

The accelerometer is a sensor that is often used by some electronic devices such as Smartphones , Tablets and some portable consoles (such as the Nintendo Switch ). This sensor is in charge of collecting the movements provided by the user in order to use the acceleration of the kinetic moment (hence its name, accelerometer ) to move our character.

The accelerometer and gyroscope are 2 sensors that are often used a lot in mobile video games such as Apex Legends Mobile or Fortnite to help aim.

How To Stop My Character From Moving Alone In Doom 2016 On Nintendo Switch 2023

The first thing we must do is press the “+” button to enter the game menus .

Then we enter “Settings” .

Once inside “Settings” we enter “Command” .

Within the control options we will have to deactivate “aim with accelerometer” .

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