Download Albion Online Without Play Store Easy and Fast

You have reached MrAppsGeek because Albion Online is already available in the application store but you have gone to install it and you have been surprised that your Smartphone is not compatible with this game . Do not worry, I understand you perfectly and you are not alone, that is why today we will give you 2 methods to download Albion Online Without Play Store so that you can enjoy this incredible non-linear mmorpg in which you write your own adventure.

Is It Possible to Install Albion Online Without the Play Store?

Yes, it is possible to download Albion Online on Android without the need for the Google Play Store in a totally legal way. That is why we will show you 2 methods to carry it out below:

  1. Install Albion Online by UpToDown .
  2. Downloading the game from the official page.

What is UpToDown?

UpToDown is a mobile application store created in Málaga (Spain) and that has a global diffusion since it is known all over the world.

All its applications and games are verified by the VirusTotal page so they are free of viruses .

How to Download Albion Online Without Play Store Step by Step 2023

To install Albion on Android on non-compatible devices we will only have to access the UpToDown page through the following link .

Once inside we must install the latest version of the game client.

  1. We will proceed to click on “Download” .
  2. Start downloading Albion Online APK .

We wait patiently for the download to finish and we will click on “Open File” , we may have to activate the installation of unknown applications here I explain it.

We click on “Install” .

We open the Albion Online Client .

In the event that when installing the Albion client we are told that there is another more recent version , don’t worry, we click on “Okay” and a new APK download will automatically begin from the game’s official page .

How to Install Albion Online From the Official Page Easy and Fast 2023

The second method to play Albion Online on Android on non-compatible devices is by downloading it from its official website here is a tutorial with all the information which is also complemented by the information in this video.

And this would be the 2 ways to install Albion Online without Play Store , if you have any problem to be able to follow this tutorial you can always leave a comment and I will try to help you… By the way, it would help me a lot if you share this post with your friends and family at through your social networks… Thank you!