DOWNLOAD PENDING In Google Play Store Solution?

Google Play is one of the most used application platforms in the world and it is thanks to them that we have a range of games and apps never seen before on a device. And despite the fact that it works quite well, it is not always free of errors, one of the most common when the “Download pending in Google Play Store” message appears , but do not worry today we will give you 3 possible solutions to this error so that you remove it easily and quickly .

Why does Download Pending appear on Google Play?

It is possible that you download any app from the Android Market and say… wow, it says download pending on Google Play ! why does this happen? This error usually occurs when downloading an application from the Store and is usually linked to problems with the Play Store cache, and it also occurs quite frequently on Chinese mobiles (especially Huawei or Xiaomi ). But don’t worry, we’ll see how to solve it quickly and easily .

What to do when a pending download appears on Google Play?

First of all, keep calm, nothing bad is happening to your Smartphone, this error is usually linked to problems with the Play Store app cache and it has a very easy solution as we will see below.

Fix Download Pending Play Store

This is the simplest and most effective solution to remove the pending download in Google Play, for this the first thing we must do is enter “Settings” and once inside we enter “Applications” .

Now among all the applications we must search for “Google Play Store” , yes you guessed it… we enter inside.

Among all the options that we will see, the one that interests us is “Storage” , we enter inside.

To remove pending download in Google Play we only have to “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” .

With all this we should no longer have the Google Play download pending message , however if it does not work for you then I offer you more solutions.

Remove Account Linked To Play Store

First of all I want to emphasize that this does not delete your Gmail account , it simply unlinks it from the Play Store app (then you link it again and that’s it). To do this we must enter “Users and Accounts” .

Once inside we look for the Gmail account that we have linked to Google Play.

And we click on “Remove” .

Finally we restart the mobile and link the account to the Google Play Store again and the error should no longer appear.

If you still get it I have one last method to fix Play Store download pending error .. keep reading.

Delete Pending Download On Google Play Permanently

Well, with this method, you will surely make the download pending message disappear in the Google Play Store . To do this, you must go to “Settings” and “Applications” and once inside we look for “Google Play Services” and press it.

We will look at the top right where the 3 vertical points are and we will press them.

Finally we will click on “Uninstall Updates” and with that we can remove the pending download error on Google Play .

If it hasn’t worked for you, you can always leave a comment and we’ll answer your question, don’t forget to share this article with your social networks , please, that would help me to continue writing articles like this one…