The subtitles are a very useful way since they favor the understanding of a video format available in another language and of course YouTube could not be an exception since this platform allows us to upload the subtitles to be able to translate the videos into our language . That is precisely why you have come to our technology tutorials blog , because you want to know if there is any way to download YouTube subtitles without programs . Well, let me tell you that it not only exists, but that it is completely legal since with this tutorial we can extract YouTube subtitles with the tools that the same platform offers us, as we will see below.

How to Download Youtube Subtitles Without Programs Legally

The first thing we must do is find a video from which we want to extract the subtitles on YouTube . Once located, we will look at the lower part of the right corner, just to the right side of where the likes are , it is here where we must do the following:

  1. We give the 3 horizontal points .
  2. A menu will open and we click on “Open Transcription” .

Extract Subtitles From YouTube

Now on the right we will see that a window has opened that says “Transcription” this is where all the phrases that appear in the video will be or in other words… this is where you can download the subtitles of the YouTube video .

Download YouTube Subtitles Without Programs

Now it is as easy as selecting all the text and with the right mouse button we click on “Copy” , as in the photo.

Now we open the Word of Microsoft Office or simply the “Notepad” and again with the right mouse button we give “Paste” . And in this way we can legally download YouTube subtitles without third-party programs .

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