Dragon Ball Project Z ALL UPDATED Information

A few days ago the official Bandai Namco Twitter account began to speculate that we would have a new DBZ game called Dragon Ball Project Z Action RPG 2019 . Specifically, they delighted us with a Tweet like the following:

According to Bandai ‘s own words, we would know more about this Dragon Ball Z 2019 game at the company’s last event on January 27 of this year . Well, we already have the latest information on Dragon Ball Project Z , an ARPG game aimed at resuming old experiences from old titles in the saga with a good role- playing touch .

What is an ARPG Game?

The acronym for ARPG means A ction R ole Play G ame or action role-playing game in Spanish , this will be the premise of this Dragon Ball Project Z.

Characteristics of an ARPG Game

Among the most obvious features is that we have a world to explore , that we can collect Items and that our character can level up .

Latest Dragon Ball Project Z Action RPG News

The early morning of Sunday, January 27, has been “moved” and we already know that this Dragon Ball Project Z will delight both veteran users and gamers who are not very familiar with the DBZ saga . The game has incredible graphics inherited from the Unreal Engine of Dragon Ball Z Fighter although the gameplay is somewhat unknown.

Dragon Ball Project Z Action ARPG

What is the gameplay of Dragon Ball Project Z? Well, the only thing we know is that it is an action RPG so it is very likely that we will have an open world to explore, collect Items and level up . Then I leave you a series of images so you can see what the open world looks like.

In these photos we can see Son Goku walking in an open world through the forest, Capsule Corp and even through the Kame House .

What Sagas Will Dragon Ball Project Z Have?

The game will start from when Son Goku makes himself known to Son Gohan , going through the entire Saiyan saga until Namek with Frezzer , at least for now.

What consoles will Dragon Ball Project Z be available for?

At the moment it will be available only for PS4, Xbox and PC .

When does Dragon Ball Project Z come out?

The date is totally unknown but it is expected between the first and second quarter of 2019 .

Does Dragon Ball Project Z have Online?

This data is still unknown but it is very likely that it has online .

Dragon Ball Z Project 2019 Official Trailer

Then I leave you with the official trailer of the new and latest Dragon Ball Z Project 2019 game .

Other Dragon Ball Z ARPG Games

You may wonder why BANDAI says that with Dragon Ball Z Project Z we will live old gaming memories? Well, because in the past there were already several DBZ RPG games , here are some of them.

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