DUAL APPLICATIONS What are they and what are they for?

I am sure that if you have 2 SIM cards you would like to know how to have 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same phone this is a topic that we already discussed in its day. Although let’s be honest, despite the fact that the tutorial is explained in an easy and simple way, the truth is that you have to have a minimum knowledge to duplicate a WhatsApp account . And it would be fabulous to be able to clone apps in the blink of an eye, right? Well, we are going to talk about that topic precisely today… about dual applications , prepare yourself very well because today in MrAppsGeek you are going to figure out a feature some phones have that I’m sure youYOU DID NOT KNOW .

What Are Dual Applications And What Are They For?

Dual applications on Android is a function available on some terminals, especially on Xiaomi , and it will allow us to clone applications in a matter of seconds . For example, we can have 2 WhatsApp with 2 different phone numbers, 2 Clash Royale accounts, 2 Brawl Starts accounts, etc… and all without installing any additional Google Play application .

How do they work

The operation is very simple, we just have to select the app or game that we want to clone and that’s it, we will have a copy on the phone’s desktop easily and quickly, let’s see how they are used below.

Activate Dual Applications On Xiaomi

To learn how to use dual applications in Xiaomi I am going to use my old Redmi Note 4X , the first thing you should do is go to “Settings” of the phone and then in “Application Settings” select the option “Dual Applications” (as in the photo).

Once inside this section, we must see all the applications that have support for being cloned , for example I have chosen WhatsApp , we activate it and a window will appear that will ask us to “Activate Google Services” with the following message:

  • “Creating dual apps requires Google services. Create a dual application for Google services?»

We will click on “Activate” obviously.

The cloned application will appear on our Android desktop with a small yellow icon at the bottom left that will have the function of distinguishing between the original and the dual app .

Disable Dual Apps On Xiaomi

To deactivate them we must follow the same steps above:

  • Settings> Dual Apps> We choose the cloned app> Uninstall> OK.

Although this tutorial for cloning applications has been made in MIUI , the method is very similar for other devices that have the function of creating dual apps, so you can refer to this tutorial without problems .

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