Edit photos and create collages with Ribbet Photo Editor

It is not the first nor will it be the last, we have already talked about a few here. Ribbet is designed to edit photos and create collages , it is a complete image editor, very easy to use. You can edit a photo that you have stored on your computer or create attractive collages .

The work you have to do to get the best results does not require effort, it is close to a game. You just have to start using the typical tools in this type of program to get what you want.

Online, on desktop and mobile

Originally Ribbet worked as an online application. If you want to use it today, you just have to log in using a Facebook or Google account, or also one that has been created or can be created using an email account. Then we only have to use the interface that is offered to us in Ribbet for Web .

There are also versions of the application to be installed on iOS and Android mobile devices. Both are free, with in-app purchases to activate more features.

What does Ribbet offer?

It includes the option of cropping, resizing, rotating, choosing effects, text layers, inserting stickers, retouching, including frames, and some other options. It includes more than a thousand effects and a remarkable number of tools.

In addition to image editing, it is also possible to create collages. To do this, choose the images you want to make an original composition. You will have everything you need to achieve it. You will have a multitude of forms, with controls to adapt the results to your tastes.

And there are still more. It is also possible to create business and business cards. Add images and portions of text to later share the results or print them with your printer.

To consider

In the online version, each tool is accompanied by a complete description (in English) that will help us when using it. In addition, accompanying the descriptions, tips are included to get the most out of it.


Among the options offered by Ribbet we highlight the following:

  • You can get what you want with your photos by just clicking the left mouse button.
  • There are advanced controls intended to fine-tune the results.
  • Everything you do is in real time: crop, resize, rotate, and more.
  • You have a large number of special effects, from the eminently artistic ones to those that allow you to create funny images.
  • Work very quickly in your web browser or in the application that you have installed on your computer or mobile device.
  • Allows the inclusion of text, playing with a large number of fonts in different sizes.
  • There is the possibility of adding pre-designed shapes to your creations.
  • The online version works on any computer, with Windows, macOS or Linux.

The new

To everything indicated we must add what we indicate below. New features are included, recently implemented.

  • Uploading a single image now shows it in the editor instantly while uploading happens in the background.
  • Flattening everything and applying any effect is now instant too.
  • Added a user setting to automatically optimize the size of very large images, which is a significant performance improvement.
  • Added new effects: Seasonal > Halloween > Scary Movies, Holidays > Jolly Red Nose, and 4th of July > Red White and Blue.
  • Resolved an issue some users were having where Auto Correct and Auto Exposure made the image too dark.
  • Added a bunch of general improvements and bug fixes.
  • Added background removal: unlimited background removal included in Ribbet Premium!
  • Any layer of photos can become the new background image by clicking “Use as background” in the right panel.


To use this tool access Ribbet . Select Start Editing , Create Collage or Create Card to start your online creation. If you choose the first option, Start Editing , start by uploading a photo from your computer or try one of the ones provided. An editor will open, which you can put in full screen, with the tools panel on the left and with an options menu at the top.

If you don’t want to use the online editor, you already know what you have to do: download and install the app on your mobile device or on your computer. You can download the app for iPhone and iPad in the App Store . For Android devices you have to access Google Play . You can also download for Windows and macOS computers .

In all cases, in addition to a free version, there is a Premium version with more features.