Elmedia universal video player, to play streaming media

Streaming is currently the order of the day. Hence the importance of having an application designed to play all kinds of multimedia files that implements high features.

Many of us with an Apple computer, an iMac, a Mac Mini or a MacBook Pro, also own an Apple TV, the device that, connected to a television, allows us to watch movies, listen to music or browse photos.

Sometimes we would like to have everything available on the aforementioned device, on Apple TV, directly on the computer. Thanks to Elmedia Player we will be able to do it.

What does Elmedia Player offer?

It is an application that serves, as we have already indicated, to have easy access to the music, videos and photos found on Apple TV or on another streaming playback system.

After downloading Elmedia Player on our Mac computer we will be able to see everything indicated. It is also possible to view it, through a WiFi connection, on another computer with macOS, with Windows or with Linux (only SMB). It is not necessary to carry out a file conversion process or physically connect your computer and Apple TV, you just have to use the WiFi connection to enjoy all the benefits.


Among the features that adorn this application, the following stand out:

  • It supports all audio and video files, without any type of conversion being necessary.
  • Allows you to fine tune the playback speed.
  • It works, as we have already indicated, with all types of computers, with macOS, Windows and Linux systems.
  • You will be able to watch movies and all kinds of videos, play music and examine any of the images stored on the server to which the Apple TV connects.
  • Enhance the image using specific filters.
  • It seamlessly displays all kinds of subtitles, embedded and external. Allows you to adjust the color, font size, and language of the text.
  • It supports the reproduction of internal audio tracks, being able to also select the preferred language.
  • You can also view photos on Apple TV. A slideshow can be generated by adjusting the display time of each image and the transition period.
  • All media files are neatly organized in the library by grouping them into folders.
  • It supports all the color tones included in the Apple TV, the dark ones and the light ones, with all their shades.

To consider

Those responsible for this application tell us the following about it:

« With Elmedia Player you can play your music and movies and view photos on Apple TV without conversion. You just need to connect Apple TV to your computer via WiFi. Elmedia Mac Media Player supports an impressive number of file formats, including the most widely used (DAT, WMV, MKV, AVI, Rmvb, etc.) .”


To find out more features of this application, access Elmedia Player and download it. It is not a free application. At the moment it costs €11.99.