Error Code: M7111-1331-2206 Solution On Netflix?

With its more than 2 million users , Netflix is ​​one of the most powerful audiovisual content platforms that exists today along with YouTube. Its good content management, its low price and the possibility of sharing an account, causes millions of users to use its servers simultaneously and except for an occasional drop, the service as a general rule works quite well. This does not mean that from time to time we have some other unexpected error like the one that concerns us today, which is why if you receive the error code: M7111-1331-2206 , in this article we will tell you what it consists of and how to fix it easily and fast.

What Is The Error Code: M7111-1331-2206 And Why Does It Appear?

When the error message M7111-1331-2206  appears, it is because we are accessing Netflix on our PC and the information stored in the browser needs to be updated . In this tutorial we will show you how to solve this error EASY and QUICK .

How To Fix Error Code M7111-1331-2206

Next we are going to give 2 simple ways to remove the M7111-1331-2206 error , you can try any of them, although my recommendation is that you do the 2 in the order that they are presented here.

Clear Browser Cache

The first method is to clear the Google Chrome cache here is a simple tutorial on how to do it. Basically what we must do is follow these steps:

  1. We give it to the upper right where the 3 vertical points are.
  2. More tools>Clear Browsing Data>Clear Data.

If the concept has not been very clear to you, then I leave you a video so you can see how to clear the browser cache easily and quickly.

Don’t Enter Netflix From Bookmarks

One of the most common causes of the error code: m7111-1331-2206 on Netflix is ​​that you access it from a browser bookmark , as in the photo.

To solve it, go directly into the browser by typing in this way you can access the platform without problems.

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