Everything you need to use the Internet with a single program

When we sit in front of the computer, at least that is what I and many other people I know do, we open the email client in order to check if we have new messages and also launch the web browser to find new information. But we don’t stop there, we also watch the odd video and listen to music . We also transfer the occasional file using the FTP protocol and even try to find the latest news.

What does BriskBard offer?

For some time now, some years, we have been able to have all of the above and much more thanks to BriskBard , a program that includes all the necessary tools to achieve what we have indicated. It is actually a whole one, an application that encompasses 10 programs, each with its specific function or functions.


Among its characteristics, the following stand out:

  • BriskBard integrates multiple clients into a single program.
  • It offers tabbed organization that can be arranged horizontally or vertically to take advantage of free side space on widescreen monitors.
  • The user can move the tabs freely, without altering the functions of the program or the elements that compose it.
  • The user can select the color of each and every tab individually in order to find them easily.
  • All tasks are multi-threaded to take advantage of all processor cores and speed up response time.
  • BriskBard is available in Spanish and English. A translation manager has been added to be able to easily translate all text messages into other languages, as well as import and export these translations in a text file.

The tools included in BriskBard

The tools that make up this application are the following:

  • A powerful web browser, supporting various configurations.
  • An email client that supports all protocols and that supports what is typical of these systems.
  • A media player.
  • An IRC chat client.
  • A news aggregator, with support for OPML files.
  • An FTP client, for file transmission.
  • A Usenet newsreader.
  • A contact manager.
  • A set of advanced services, including a Telnet client, a domain information access tool, and a domain name access tool.

To consider

The people behind BriskBard tell us about the app: « Use  BriskBard  and achieve your goals faster and more effectively. BriskBard  is the new  free web browser  for windows that integrates everything you need to succeed in all your daily tasks on the Internet .


To get this program you have to access BriskBard . It is a free application that works on the latest versions of Windows.