Excel Column Extractor, to extract and combine spreadsheets

All of us who use spreadsheets are going to need at some point to extract data from a document and combine it with that of another or others. If we use Microsoft Excel , the best way to carry out this work is to resort to Excel Column Extractor .

This is an ideal Windows application for everyone who has a large number of spreadsheet files. If they house the same type of data, such as name, email, address, etc., but are in different columns in different files, with Excel Column Extractor we can perform an extraction and merge.

When you go to add or merge data, is there a way to extract the same type of column data from multiple worksheets and then merge it into a single Excel worksheet? The answer is positive. You just have to use the application that we propose. There is also the possibility of taking into account what we explained in How to merge documents created with Microsoft Excel .

What does Excel Column Extractor offer?

Excel Column Extractor is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet data extraction and combination tool, as it can extract all the data from one or multiple columns from multiple Excel files at once and then combine them into a single spreadsheet .

You can configure the column headers to extract and the row number where those headers are located, usually the first row, according to the extraction content you need.

Excel Column Extractor also allows you to extract all the data from all the added files and then merge them into a single spreadsheet. You just need to fill in the blank column headers and then get started. The program will combine them into one instantly.

Features of Excel Column Extractor

Among the features offered by Excel Column Extractor, the following stand out:

  • It is possible to extract data from specific columns of multiple Excel spreadsheets and combine them into a single worksheet.
  • Combine all the data from multiple Excel spreadsheets into a single sheet.
  • Supports setting column headers on rows.
  • You can customize the file extraction sequence.
  • Supports XLSX, XLS, ODS, CSV, XML, and more spreadsheet formats.
  • It supports several languages, among which Spanish is included.

To consider

The type of spreadsheet files we are talking about is the most widely used, which is why the existence of an application like Excel Column Extractor is appreciated . Any user can use it without problems, since it uses a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

You just have to follow the following steps:

  • If we want to perform, for example, the combination of data from two columns in different files, we just have to select them in both in the first step and drag them to the program interface.
  • You have to add the column headers in the corresponding section.
  • Begin with the extraction process and wait until it finishes.
  • As the last step, the merger will be carried out.


To download and install this application you have to access Excel Column Extractor . It is a free application that works on the latest versions of Windows.