F4 Fault In FAGOR Dishwasher How to Solve?

MrAppsGeek is not only a portal with Windows tutorials , it is also a technology portal where we cover any type of problem and its possible solution . Today we are going to talk about the F4 error in FAGOR brand dishwashers and its solution , a failure in the system that if you are unlucky enough to get it can be a real headache.

What is Fagor Dishwasher F4 Error?

«My FAGOR Innovation dishwasher gives an F4 error and overflows, what’s wrong?» . Precisely the F4 error is an overflow warning error , the problem is that it sometimes occurs when the drain pipe, the rubber and the filter are clean . So how is this solved? Well, then we will see how it is easily repaired.

How To Fix Fagor Dishwasher Overflow Error F4

Below we will see a series of tips to know how to fix the Fagor F4 dishwasher fault .

Reset the Dishwasher

The first thing you should do is reset your dishwasher , in this way it is very likely that it will be easily solved. To reset it you just have to follow the steps below:

  1. Disconnect the plug for at least 5 minutes (this resets the electronics of the Fagor dishwasher and the F4 error).
  2. After 5 minutes , do your normal washing again and check that the F4 error does not repeat itself .

Wash Clothes At Higher Temperatures

Another way to solve the F4 error of the Fagor dishwasher without resorting to the technical service is to choose the programs at high temperatures. Running a laundry program at low temperatures can cause the F4 error .

Cleaning Fagor Dishwasher Filters

Here is a video that shows how to clean the filters of the Fagor innovation dishwasher to solve the F4 error . It basically consists of removing a tube to be able to extract the filters and clean them.

Here is another video to solve the F4 error by disassembling the Fagor dishwasher .

Fagor Dishwasher Maintenance With Vinegar

I also leave you with a video so that you know how to maintain this Fagor dishwasher  using vinegar .

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