FILE:///SDCARD/ View Android Files in BROWSER

Viewing Android files from the Browser without programs is possible and all thanks to the URL file:///sdcard/ . It is possible that this sounds very strange to you and you are not very clear about this tip for mobile phones, which is why I advise you to stay until the end of this MrAppsGeek article to learn a little more about this secret trick for Android .

What Is The URL file:///sdcard/ And What Is It For?

It is a special character URL that works as a file explorer on our Android phone . So far so good, but what makes this command so special is that it will allow us to see the files stored in our phone’s memory directly from the Google Chrome mobile browser.

FILE:///SDCARD/ View Android Files in BROWSER

This is very useful if our Smartphone does not have a file explorer application and we do not want to install a third-party app.

What Routes Are Usually The Most Searched?

As we have mentioned before, this special URL is often used to view internal Android files from the browser without the need for applications . Some of the routes most visited by users are the following:

  • file ///sdcard/whatsapp
  • file ///sdcard/.privacy safe/privacy safe.html
  • file:///sdcard/dcim/camera/
  • file ///sdcard/dcim/
  • file ///sdcard/dcim/facebook/
  • file: ///sdcard/whatsapp/media
  • file ///sdcard/index
  • file///sdcard/media

How to use file:///sdcard/ ?

To see the list of Android internal memory files with Chrome we must go directly to the navigation bar and write the following:

  • file:///sdcard/

FILE:///SDCARD/ View Android Files in BROWSER

In this way we can see a list of folders and files (even hidden ones) directly from the Android browser .

FILE:///SDCARD/ View Android Files in BROWSER

What Files Can We View With file:///sdcard/ ?

The files that we can view from our mobile browser with this trick are very limited .

FILE:///SDCARD/ View Android Files in BROWSER

For example we will be able to see the photos , listen to some other audio and see some video format .

However, it should be noted that we can use this trick not only in the Google Chrome browser, it also works in the Samsung and Firefox browsers . Oh I forgot!… It also works on the computer! .

file:///sdcard/ Works On PC

This trick not only works on the mobile version of Google Chrome, it can also be used on PC . To do this we must change “SDCARD” for the PC unit to which we want to have access. For example, if we want to enter drive C: we will write the following in the Google Chrome browser from the computer:

  • file:///C:/

FILE:///SDCARD/ View Android Files in BROWSER

What limitations does it have?

This trick, although it is very curious, has very limited resources, in fact some of its limitations are the following:

  • It doesn’t work on iPhone .
  • We will not be able to see the ROOT files or the files on the SD card .
  • Nor will we be able to manage folders or files , forget about the delete, rename, copy or move commands.

Despite this, the file:///sdcard/ command is very curious, don’t you think? You can leave me your impressions below in comments, that will generate debate. Without further ado, I say goodbye reminding you that you have social networks at your disposal to share this content if it has been useful… Thank you very much for everything!