Filmora9 video editor for mac: no limits

Are you looking for a video editor for mac that allows you to exploit all your creativity and do professional work? If so, we recommend that you take a look at Filmora9 video editor for Mac. This software is trending all over the world, due to its easy handling and the many special effects it has.

With this program, used by both beginners and editing experts, you can create wonderful, unique and high-quality (4K) videos. You can use it to improve and make your YouTube videos more entertaining, to edit an academic presentation, to produce short films or films in your city, and for much more.

Now, do you want to know what are the functions that Filmora9 video editor for mac has? So, pay attention to this article, because here we explain it to you.

Features of Filmora9 video editor for mac

The functions of this program are divided into two: basic and advanced. Among the basic ones we find:

Cut video: It is used to remove parts of the video that are not to your liking.

Video speed : Allows you to make the playback faster or slower.

Modify the size of the video : If you want to change the display of a video on the screen, the easiest way is to click on the option that says “scale” and enter the ideal value in the box located to the right of the scaling control. After this process you will see how the size of the video changes instantly.

Another of the basic but important functions of this mac video editor is the unification of videos . With this function you can convert several clips or parts of other videos or photos into one. In the same way, with the basic options of filmora9 you will be able to mix or separate the audio, adjust the sound, the brightness and the color of the image.

On the other hand, with the advanced functions you can add effects such as:

Reverse Play: Allows you to play a video in reverse .

Green screen: makes the background of your video transparent so that you can change it to one of your choice.

Pan and Zoom: With this effect you can gradually get closer to the objects you want within the video.

Power Tool : This tool is very precise, because it allows clear and detailed visualization of the facial expressions, hand movements and gestures in general of the characters in the video, thus displacing a professional camera lens.

In short, with Filmora9 a world of possibilities opens up for video editing on Mac where the limit is set by you.