Find music by singing or humming

Do you like music? I’m sure you do, like me and many who visit this website. Now I am not going to talk about all the good that music brings, its relaxing abilities, that would be the subject of another article, I am going to present a tool that allows you to investigate this world, discover song titles and listen to them, among other possibilities.

The indicated capacity is offered by a site that has been on the Internet for some time, more than 14 years, but that, despite this, continues to retain its freshness. It is ideal to combine with a space for downloading free music legally .

Do you dare to hum?

You are looking for a song. You don’t know its title. You only remember part of the chorus. Are you able to hum it? Yeah? Connect your microphone to the computer and go to midomi . Just when you enter you will find, at the top, a button with the title Click and sing or hum . Click on it and start singing (or simply humming). If you do it right and the website has the tune you are looking for in its database, it will show you the title of the tune and the possibility to listen to it.

search songs

Don’t you want to hum? You can also search by typing the title of the song or the name of an artist in the search box at the top right. What can happen is that you find yourself with a surprise: a song without music sung by an unknown author, a budding artist who has registered on the site and has uploaded the creation or creations of it. But I am totally convinced that you will discover something new.

If you want to identify songs, you can also use Shazam , an application for mobile devices capable of identifying songs after playing them. It also allows you to share your discoveries through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, LINE and more.

Recording studio

It is another option. You have at your disposal an online recording studio. You will be able to sing after clicking on the Study menu and show your musical abilities to the rest of the community members. You will also have the option to sell your compositions or buy those of other authors. In both cases you must first register as a user. Dare to be part of the community that supports midomi , it will not cost you anything.

To consider

This is what the managers of midomi tell us about this tool: « Our goal is to create the most comprehensive searchable music database. You can contribute to expanding the database by performing songs in the midomi online recording studio in any language or music genre. The next time someone searches for that song, your rendition might be the first result .”


To get everything we indicate, access midomi . In addition to the web version, there is also one for mobile devices. You just have to access midomi now for mobile .