FIXWIN 10 Free Windows 10 ERROR FIXER

Lately, Windows is getting a little out of hand with all the errors that are presenting in its latest automatic updates . The truth is that it is shameful that we have to resort to a program to solve PC problems . If you are one of those affected by the problems of the latest Windows 10 updates, I recommend Fixwin 10 , a free Windows repairer .

FixWin 10 What is it and what is it for?

FixWin 10 for Windows 10 is a program that allows us to repair and fix problems derived from Windows 10 updates .

Download FixWin 10 FREE 2023

You can download FixWin 10 for Windows 10 FREE  2018 directly from the following link .

FixWin 10 Windows 10 In Spanish 2023

It should be noted that this free Windows 10  2018 repairer is in English, however in MrAppsGeek we are going to translate the different sections so that you know how to use FixWin 10 .

  1. File Explorer: We can resolve incidents derived from Windows 10 File Explorer.
  2. Internet and connectivity:  It allows us to solve connection problems derived from a bad Windows 10 update.
  3. Windows 10:  Reset settings, fix start menu problems, WiFi problems, blocked updates problems, Microsoft Store problems , fix WerMgr.exe or WerFault.exe application errors .
  4. System Tools: Ability to restore and repair system tools that are not working properly .
  5. Troubleshoot: Access to direct links to patches from Microsoft troubleshooters .
  6. Additional fixes: Fixes for Windows 10.
  7. FixWin 10 license and terms of use.

How to use FixWin 10 in Spanish 2023?

The first thing we must do to repair Windows 10 errors for FREE is to unzip FixWin 10 , once unzipped, run it and click on the “Wellcome” screen on the section that says “System File Checker Utility” . This process can take 5-10 minutes and may ask you to restart your PC .

If we have any file system error in Windows 10 with this we will solve it.

Restore Microsoft Store App Registry

If we have problems opening applications in the Microsoft Store in Windows 10 , we must activate the option that says “Re-Register Store Apps” .

Create A Restore Point

With this function of FixWin 10 we will be able to create a restore point in order to be able to restore the system if a failure occurs .

Repair Windows 10 System Image

With this option we can repair the corrupt components of the Windows 10 Store .

If you still don’t know how to use FixWin 10 you can leave me a comment to explain your problems. If the article has been useful, please share it with the social media buttons, that would help me a lot, have a great day.