Focus, relax and sleep with Endel

The title reflects the meaning of our proposal: concentrate, relax and sleep . These are three circumstances that we need in our daily living. When we are working we must activate our ability to concentrate to the highest degree. After great efforts or tense moments, the ideal is to achieve a state of relaxation . When night falls and darkness invades us, we all want to sleep.

To achieve this we have an application, valid for iOS and Android mobile devices, for computers with macOS and for Alexa devices, among other options. Endel is presented as an environment of personalized sounds, which will serve to achieve what we indicate in the title and in the first sentence of the article.

What does Endel offer?

The app is all about ” creating custom sound environments to give your mind and body what it needs to get the job done .” To do this, it offers several ways. These are:

  • Relax Mode : Serves to calm your mind and create feelings of relief and security.
  • Focus mode : Thanks to it you can increase your productivity by helping you achieve deep concentration.
  • On-the-Go Mode : Everyone acts differently when away from home. With this mode you can get an adaptation to your personal rhythm when you go out on the street.
  • Sleep mode : You have to sleep, so it is appreciated that this app activates a deep sleep with soft and relaxing sounds.

To consider

Those responsible for this application tell us the following about it: « Our core algorithm is based on circadian rhythms, pentatonic scale and sound masking. The sounds adapt to different inputs, such as time of day, weather, heart rate, and location .”


Among the characteristics that accompany Endel , the following stand out:

  • Stress reduction.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Deeper work and concentration.
  • Daily relaxation.
  • quiet sleep.

It is a tool that can be used at home and at work. It is valid, as we have already implied, in many moments. Thanks to it, it is possible to minimize distractions and mental fatigue. All offered modes can be used without an Internet connection.


To know the features of this application in detail, access Endel . We can discover, in addition to what we have already explained, other functions.

If we want to get the app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, we must access the App Store . If we want to use it on our Apple computer, we must access the Mac App Store . For Android devices we must access Google Play . This is a free app that offers in-app purchases.