ForceToolkit, to forcefully change the state of program controls

Although it is not something very common, but we may need it at a certain moment: forcefully change the state of a window or a control in other applications . To achieve this we can resort to ForceToolkit , a program that has just been launched today and that offers a series of functions designed to achieve what we have indicated.

This tool allows users to gray out buttons and checkboxes, hide windows and let them run in the background, make windows always on top, change titles, force kill processes, and close programs.

To consider

Through this useful tool, users can easily modify the operation of some application windows. ForceToolkit installs quickly and making use of its features is second nature. To make it work, users just have to drag the cursor from their cursor box to the window they want to adjust.

Using ForceToolkit in a 3rd party application works without any issues. Users can change the title of the window, set it to always be on top, as well as force the window in question to be hidden, disabled or enabled. The application of the changes can be done both in the selected window and in the entire program or in the object itself.

Other than that, users can also force resize the preferred window. The width and height values ​​can be changed freely, and can even redraw the UI area of ​​the object.

ForceToolkit Features

Among the features offered by ForceToolkit, the following stand out:

  • Enable greyed out buttons, checkboxes and more controls in other apps.
  • A disabled button can be forced to click.
  • Supports hiding a window or program to run it invisibly in the background.
  • Allows you to hide controls and text in other applications.
  • Windows can be set to always be on top.
  • It is capable of forcibly closing a window in other programs.
  • Allows you to redraw and/or refresh the user interface of other programs.
  • Supports forcibly killing the process and closing an application program.
  • Allows you to change the title of the window.
  • You can resize the fixed size window.
  • There is a portable ZIP version of this application.

This is a free application that works smoothly on Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 computers. It offers both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.


To get this application you have to access ForceToolkit .