Roblox Promo Codes & Free Robux Codes 2023 [100% Working]

If you belong to the Roblox community and are looking for new promo codes and free robux codes you are in the right place. Redeem all the codes offered by the platform and fill your inventory with incredible rewards and benefits.

NOTE: This generator collects all the updated roblox codes that were published today and are on Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Do not be discouraged if some codes do not work, as you can check daily for the latest codes available. You can share this free robux generator no human verification with your friends


Are The Free Robux Generator Real?

We know that there are many websites and apps like: “Free Robux Generator” that have free robux codes in exchange for completing certain tasks or activities.

Although the idea may seem tempting, the truth is that these sites are not to be trusted. Therefore, please note that the only persons authorized to provide promotional codes are Roblox Corporation system administrators and developers.

Here we see all the currently available Roblox promo codes. Now that you have figured out these points, let’s find out where to get Roblox codes, what they are used for, and what they can be used for. Join us!

What are Roblox promo codes and what are they for?

Promotional codes, also known as Roblox codes, are a combination of letters and numbers created exclusively by Roblox developers and administrators.

The main function of these promo codes is to give players rewards such as free robux, t-shirts, pants, pets, accessories, items, powers, abilities, etc. At the same time, they are designed to reward user loyalty, be it a company party, a branded promotion or a special gift on each server.

Each one has an expiration or end date, so be aware of each update and be the first to claim your prize.

Roblox promotional codes are a valid alternative to get free clothing and accessories.
Roblox promotional codes are a valid alternative to get free clothing and accessories.

Where to get them?

The way to get these promotional codes is very simple, just stay connected and follow the official Roblox account or social networks, especially Twitter. You can also visit our page frequently, as we have a weekly list of new codes that Roblox releases to the community or code updates that we can share with the community.

How are promo codes used?

Once you have a valid promotion code, the next step is to redeem it to enjoy your reward. To submit a claim, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Roblox account from any browser.
  • Go to the Roblox promo codes page.
  • Choose a code from our list and paste it into the box, then click “Redeem” and you’re done.
Redeem Roblox codes on the promotions page
Redeem Roblox Codes on Promo Page

If the promo code is valid, it will display a confirmation message and the reward will be placed in your inventory immediately. You can start redeeming these rewards at any time, they are non-transferable and valid forever.

Speed city codes

Each map has its own method of redeeming promotional codes, but the procedure is very simple. To redeem a code in Speed City, one of the free Roblox games, find the huge yellow building with a very bright box next to the door, enter there and a menu will open where you must enter one of the following codes:

  • trillion
  • billion
  • spooky
  • Galaxy
  • 3000speed
  • 3hours
  • SimulatorGame
  • TofuuTurtle
  • Testing
  • OldGame
  • EliteCity
  • Portal
  • Christmas

Anime Fighting Simulator codes

Look for the blue Twitter icon on the left side of your screen to claim your rewards. Paste the code, press “ENTER” and you’re done. These are the available codes:

  • Chikara Fragments: glorious400
  • Chikara fragments: ilovetobreath
  • Chikara fragments: marvelous350thousand
  • Chikara fragments: TwitterRewards2
  • 500 yen: fav75
  • 500 yen: sub2tplanetmilo
  • 500 yen: subtomrrhino
  • 500 yen: sub2razorfishgaming
  • 500 yen: subtokelvingts
  • 400 yen: 10klikeswow
  • 200 yen: ty41milvisits

Treasure Quest codes

Haz clic en el botón de twitter cuando ya estés jugando a Treasure Quest, ahora solo pega el código y haz clic en “Reclamar”. Las recompensas se acreditarán en minutos. Estos son los códigos actuales:

  • Obtain an EXP potion: SUNSHINE
  • Get a gold potion: SUMMERPART2
  • Get a random reward: newmonstershype
  • Get 25 bank slots: BANKSLOTS
  • Get 10 bank slots: hugeupdatesoon
  • Get 10 bank slots: SPRINGTIME
  • Get 10 slots for the backpack: 10storage
  • Get 5 slots for the backpack: ilovexmas
  • Get 5 backpack slots: THANKSFORPLAYING
  • Get 1 slot for the backpack: freestorage
  • Get a weapon: blizmid
  • Get galactic effect: pearlhunt

Blox Fruits codes

You have to click on the twitter icon and when you enter the code and that’s it, you have to press “Enter”. Here are the latest promotional codes for Blox Fruits:

  • 15 minutes of double experience: UPDATE11
  • 15 minutes of double experience: SUB2NOOBMASTER123
  • fudd10
  • 15 minutes of double experience: Sub2Daigrock
  • 15 minutes of double experience: Axiore
  • 15 minutes of double experience: TantaiGaming
  • 15 minutes of double experience: STRAWHATMAINE

Roblox high school 2 codes

  • Get a vehicle: RHS2DISCORD
  • Get 250 credits: RHS2ad

Restaurant tycoon 2 codes

  • Get 15 diamonds: newmap2020
  • Get 15 diamonds: bored
  • Get a dolphin: ocean
  • Get 25 diamonds: teamtrees
  • Get 250 money: razorfishgaming

Jailbreak codes

  • 7,500 cash: charge
  • 5,000 cash: countdown
  • 25,000 cash: onehour
  • 5,000 cash: stayhealthy
  • 10,000 cash – minimustang
  • 10,000 Cash: feb2020

RoCitizens codes

  • Get $5,000: letsdosomelaundry
  • Get $3,500: discordance
  • Get a Twitter trophy and $2,500: SweetTweets
  • Get $4,000: truefriend
  • Get $3,000: rosebud
  • Get $1,337: easteregg
  • Get $10 : code