Funexpected Math, educational games for kids

Educational games for children are ideal for keeping children entertained and at the same time providing them with elements that help them in the learning process. Funexpected Mathematics is an app for iOS and Android mobile devices whose purpose is indicated. It focuses primarily on mathematics.

As those responsible for this platform tell us, Funexpected is a well-designed year-round program that makes math delightful for kids without immersing them in endless numbers. It’s your child’s screen time you’ll never regret .

What does Funexpected Math offer?

It is a platform for children between the ages of 3 and 7, which helps them develop their mathematical abilities. It offers a one-year course focused on turning the beginning of learning mathematics into an adventure.

Time and space, the discovery of the meaning of numbers, is essential to reach the fulfillment of the objectives, relying on the help provided by a digital tutor. Each week they have to develop a series of actions in order to prosper in learning.

Features of Funexpected Math

Among the features offered by this application are the following:

  • The difficulty level is fully adaptive, adjusting to each child’s skill level based on the challenges they solve well, the clues they use, and their learning patterns.
  • A variety of games with more than 1,000 skill-building challenges give children valuable opportunities to develop their thinking holistically.
  • Awards received for their achievements increase children’s confidence in their abilities. They will try by all means to solve problems and to discover other areas of Mathematics.

To consider

Those responsible for this application tell us the following: « We believe that nobody is incapable of mastering mathematics. Any child can assimilate mathematical thinking as well as basic literacy. To achieve this, we use a reverse educational process in which experimentation precedes theory. We value children’s mistakes and questions as much as correct answers, because both are needed for children to acquire correct thinking .”

In the game process numbers, geometry, logic and algorithms are combined. All this, perfectly structured, serves as a notable aid to everything that is linked to learning in Early Childhood Education and in the first two years of Primary Education.


To find out what can be achieved with this app, it is convenient to access Funexpected Mathematics . If we have an iOS mobile device, an iPhone or an iPad, we can download it from the App Store . In the event that we have an Android device, we must download it from Google Play . This is a free app with in-app purchases.