Game Icons Do Not Appear On Samsung Solution

If you have a Samsung brand mobile and you play a lot with it, it is possible that on some occasion what happened to me has happened to you. And it is that touching the options of the same I realized that the icons of my games had disappeared both from the home screen, from the desktop and also from the application drawer. The truth is that it takes days to find the solution and although it is easy to fix, it can be quite annoying for this to happen to you. So if the same thing happens to you today in The MrAppsGeek I will teach you what to do if the game icons do not appear on your Samsung Galaxy so that you can solve it in a matter of seconds.

Why do the games disappear on my Samsung mobile?

This happens because of the Game Launcher application that has an option that allows you to hide the games on the home screen and that they are only visible through this app.

What is Samsung Game Launcher and what is it for?

It is an application installed as standard in Samsung Galaxy mobiles that allows us to gather in a single app all the games that we download from Google Play and the Samsung application store.

This launcher has advanced options that will allow us configurations in different games to:

That is why if the games have disappeared on your Samsung Galaxy , it is more than likely that you have accidentally activated these options in Game Launcher.

How to Make Games Reappear on My Samsung Mobile Easy and Fast 2023

The first step will be to enter Game Launcher from the application drawer of our device.

Once inside we must hit where it says “More” which is located just below in the right corner.

This will open a small menu at the bottom of the screen in which we must click on “Settings” .

How to prevent Game Launcher from hiding my games on Samsung 2023

Now we must go to the section called “Show Game Applications” which by default should be marked “Only in Game Launcher” .

We must check the box that says “In Game Launcher and the Home Screen and Applications” .

If we have followed the previous steps correctly, we will see how the icons of the games are shown again in our Samsung Galaxy .

And these are the steps that we must follow if the game icons do not appear on our Samsung Galaxy . Remember that you can leave a comment to give your opinion and don’t forget to share this tutorial with other people through your social networks. That would help me a lot! Thank you!