Google PhotoScan, SCAN OLD PHOTOS

Have you ever imagined being able to scan your old paper photos and transfer them in digital format from your Smartphone? Google’s PhotoScan is the perfect application to do so, and a few days ago Google officially launched PhotoScan , a “satellite” app for Google Photos that will allow us to digitize our photos in record time and without the need for a scanner and a PC.

Do you want to know how to scan your photos to digital format in an optimal way? Keep reading…

Download Google PhotoScan 2023

The first thing, obviously, will be to download the application from Google Play completely free of charge:

Google Play | PhotoScan

The next thing will be to choose photos that we want to scan and digitize and choose a good place where we want to scan the photos. Keep in mind that the more lighting, the more chances of success we will have for the result to be optimal, always considering sunlight as a priority before light from a bulb in our house.

Scanning with Google PhotoScan

Once the correct place to perform the scan is considered, it is the turn of Google’s PhotoScan .

We open PhotoScan and place the photograph within the application frame . If we have good lighting , we will rule out turning on the flash and if, on the other hand, we have poor lighting, we must activate it.

After taking the first photograph, four white circles will appear at each corner of the photo , we must move our mobile to one of the circles to take another photograph and so on until completing the 4 circles .

Result of scanning with Google PhotoScan

After carrying out the entire process of taking photos, PhotoScan compiles them into a single photo that will be the one that will be perfectly free of reflections , aligned and with a higher resolution than the photo in paper format.

Once the final compilation is done we will have several more options, such as the option to rotate the image or adjust the borders.

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