Hands Free for WhatsApp How to Listen to WhatsApp Messages Driving

Has it ever happened to you that you have taken your mobile phone at a traffic light to read a Whatsapp in the car and you have been fined? Not to me, but I know of many people who do and it is that reading WhatsApp while driving is very punishing. But the truth is that there are times when we need to be aware of an important message and it would be of vital importance to know How to Listen to Whatsapp Messages While Driving . In Google Play I have found several applications that read WhatsApp messages aloud , but the truth is that they do not work very well. But after a lot of searching I have found an app called Hands Free For Whatsapp that works great, let’s see it!

How to Listen to Whatsapp Messages Driving

«Possible uses:
– You’re getting ready and you’re late for an appointment or a meeting with your friends, activate whatsapp drive and listen to your notifications so you don’t waste time opening the app and reading.
– Are you busy with your hands while you work? Activate the app and know at all times what is being discussed in groups or personal messages.
– At the GYM or practicing running… how many times have we had to stop to read whatsapp messages? It’s over! Put on your music headphones to be intimate and listen to all your notifications!»

Source: Hands Free For Whatsapp

Download Hands Free for Whatsapp

These situations sound familiar to you because Hands Free For Whatsapp makes up for the aforementioned deficiencies. The first thing we have to do is install Whatsapp Drive from the following link:

To see the link you must do a social action, giving +1 in Google Plus will suffice.

How to use WhatsApp in the car without being fined

Once we install WhatsApp Drive , a window like this will appear:

The same we activate the corresponding box and then to the pop-up window we give to accept, as in the photo:

Now we will be one step away from reading WhatsApp in the car with this great hands-free . To finish configuring it, we turn the speaker in red until it turns green .

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And ready we already know How to Listen to Whatsapp Messages Driving . The truth is that using WhatsApp in the car without being fined is amazing!, especially for long journeys.

Hands Free For Whatsapp will first read the name of the contact and then the message robotically. You will have to have the app open to be able to read WhatsApp while driving and it also works with groups.

It should also be noted that with this way of using WhatsApp while driving we can listen to messages without being online, a very appreciated trick for lovers of privacy.

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