Hard Reset What Is It And What Is It For

Hard Reset that word that for some seems so distant and at the same time so complex… In this article we are going to see what it means both at the user level and in Spanish , how to do one, when to do it and how long it takes to do it .

Hard Reset What is it

Hard Reset is a process by which we can reset our Android device to the factory . In this way we will eliminate all the files, photos, applications, games… So it is highly recommended to make backup copies.

What does Hard Reset mean in Spanish?

Hard Reset is made up of two words “Hard” which means “hard” or “strong” in Spanish and “Reset” which means “reset” . It could literally be translated as a “hard reset” .

When to Do a Hard Reset

Your Android device is slow and gives problems… to solve it you have made the corresponding wipes , you have freed up space and removed applications that only get in the way and still it does not work as it should… I’m sorry, the time has come to leave the factory mobile .

How long does it take to perform a hard reset on Android

The time that this process takes does not usually take more than a few minutes since it is simple , however it will depend to a large extent on various factors such as: Model, brand, rom installed…

How much do you charge for hard reset?

That will depend on the technical service to which you take the terminal . But from here we invite you not to do it since this process can be done from the same phone settings, thus avoiding completely unnecessary expenses .

Do I lose the warranty when doing a Hard Reset?

Definitely NOT , since you are not modifying any hardware or software of the terminal , you are just leaving it from the factory , just as it came when you opened the box.

How To Do A Hard Reset

There are two ways in which we can carry out this type of process:

  1. From the Settings menu.
  2. From the recovery menu .

Settings Menu

This is as simple as going to Settings>Backup>>Factory data reset.

Recovery menu

To enter the recovery menu we must follow the following steps:

  1. We turn off the device.
  2. With the phone turned off, press the power button + volume down button at the same time .
  3. When the logo passes, we release the buttons and we will be in recovery mode .
  4. We select Wipe data/Factory reset .
  5. We press «YES» .
  6. Select the “Reboot Now” option .

When Hard Reset Doesn’t Work…

It is possible that sometimes the same device does not let us restore the mobile to the factory , if that is your case try to do the following:

  • Go to Settings>Applications and manually delete the applications that you do not use and consume memory.

In this way, it is likely that now the same system will allow you to perform the Hard Reset .

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