HEIC File Converter, powerful image file converter

The HEIC File Converter application is ideal for converting files from the HEIC format, created by Apple, to other popular formats. With this software it is possible to convert any HEIC file to JPG, PNG and PDF formats. When we come across an image of this type and we cannot open the file that contains it, it is best to resort to this tool.

When Apple upgraded its mobile devices from iOS 10 to iOS 11, it introduced the HEIC format, also known as the HEIF format, which stands for High Efficiency File Format . The HEIC format was developed by the MPEG ( Moving Picture Experts Group ) group, also known for audio and video formats such as MP3 and MP4.

It was designed to replace JPG files on Apple devices running iOS 11. The files take up less space, have a quality similar to traditional ones, and support transparency. HEIC files can contain multiple images and as a result offer Apple Live Photo functionality. They also include information about image editing, such as rotation and cropping, allowing the user to undo changes later.

What does HEIC File Converter offer?

Among the features that adorn HEIC File Converter, the following stand out:

  • Easy to use : Allows you to convert a .heic file to jpg, png and pdf in just 3 steps.
  • Small in size : No more than 20Mb for .exe file and less than 10Mb for .dmg file.
  • Powerful conversion engine : The conversion process is high-quality, reliable, and fast. Getting files that do not present any loss of quality.
  • Offline Software : To use this software no internet connection is required. With this, privacy and files will always be kept safe.
  • Batch process : It is possible to convert multiple .heic files to jpg, png and pdf files at the same time.
  • It is fully compatible with the latest versions of Windows and macOS.

conversion process

It is an application that offers a very intuitive interface, very simple and easy to use. To carry out any conversion, the following three steps must be followed:

  1. Upload the photos or HEIC images to the application interface using the drag and drop system.
  2. Establish the output folder of the converted file or files and their format.
  3. Click on the Convert button to carry out the process.


To get this application you have to access HEIC File Converter . This is a free app that works seamlessly on Windows and macOS. There is also a portable version of the program.