Help Code 806-1415 Mario Kart Tour Solution

You have come to this tutorial because you have gone to download Mario Kart Tour and when you have opened it you have received the following message: «The servers are saturated. Login requests will be processed in the order they are received” , all followed by a help code: 806-1415 . Next we will see what this error consists of and how we can solve it.

What Is Help Code 806-1415 In Mario Kart Tour?

It is nothing more than an error code that Nintendo assigns to this game , specifically, we will receive this message whenever the game servers are collapsed . This is something perfectly normal since on its release date this game garnered millions of downloads, so the servers were saturated with such a large amount of user demand .

How To Fix Error 806-1415 In Mario Kart Tour

There are 2 ways to solve this 806-1415 error, we will see what they consist of below.

Wait for the servers to improve

The first and most recommended is to wait… yes, wait, since the first days in which a game is released globally it is possible that due to the “Hype” the servers are not sufficiently prepared to support so many online users . This is something that already happened in its day with Pokemon Go , so it is up to Nintendo to better prepare the support of its servers to be able to support so many online players .

Use a VPN

This solution is more cumbersome and does not always work. The solution is to use a VPN application to pretend that we are connecting from another country. To do this, we must follow these steps:

  1. We uninstall Mario Kart Tour from our device.
  2. We enter Settings>Applications>Google Play>Clear data and Cache .
  3. We downloaded a VPN app for Android.
  4. We connect to a different country, for example the United States .
  5. We enter Google Play and download Mario Kart Tour again .

In this way we will be entering other servers different from Mario Kart Tour and it is possible that we will avoid the error 806-1415 , although I already tell you that it rarely works and it is best to wait for the servers to improve .

Error Help Code 806-9021

There is also the possibility that you have entered the game and once inside, just after registering, you receive error 806-9021 , this error refers to problems with your account, it is possible that your account has been banned, you have installed Mario Kart Tour through a platform other than Google Play or similar. The solution is to download official Mario Kart Tour from Google Play and try to enter again, if you can’t, try again later, if after a few days you can’t enter… it’s because your account has been banned . Don’t worry, you can always create another Nintendo account and link it to the game.

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