HiBit Uninstaller, a complete solution to uninstall software

It happens quite frequently, we want to uninstall software that we don’t use on our PC. What we do not want is that remains of the application or applications that we uninstalled remain. What can we do? A solution that is close to perfection is HiBit Uninstaller , a very complete piece of software. It includes a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows you to quickly uninstall all kinds of Windows programs, without leaving any traces.

It is an alternative to the tool included in Windows that has the purpose of uninstalling applications. Presents a list of all currently installed programs and allows you to uninstall any item without leaving any traces.

HiBit Uninstaller will first launch the standard uninstall application that came with the software and once the uninstall is complete, it will offer to search for files, registry entries, and more left behind by the uninstaller.

What does HiBit Uninstaller offer?

Considering the initial work that HiBit Uninstaller performs, if the scan finds leftover items, it will display a list of all files, registry entries, startup entries, service, and so on that were left on the hard drive, offering the option to remove them.

In addition to clean uninstall features, the program also supports force removal, removal of invalid installation entries, Google search and more, as well as other tools. Included in the list are Startup Manager , Empty Folder Cleaner , Service Manager , Junk File Cleaner , Context Menu Manager and Registry Cleaner .

HiBit Uninstaller Features

Among the features that HiBit Uninstaller offers , the following stand out:

  • Completely uninstalls the applications without leaving any remnants of them.
  • Using force uninstall will remove any app that resists being removed.
  • Supports removing multiple apps at once.
  • Monitors the installation of programs.
  • Includes a quick app search feature.
  • It is also capable of removing applications from the Windows Store.
  • Also remove extensions from web browsers.
  • It solves a large number of problems that have arisen in the Windows Registry , which affects the performance of the computer.
  • Remove junk files and unnecessary programs.
  • Removes invalid shortcuts included in the system.
  • Locate the empty folders found on the hard drive.
  • Allows management of services and applications that start with Windows.
  • Supports management of system restore points.
  • Includes automatic update to the latest version.


To get this application you have to access HiBit Uninstaller . It is a free application that works on the latest versions of Windows. It offers an installable version and a portable one, executable from a USB drive.