Hide folders and files with Wise Folder Hider

On a few occasions, it depends on each one that they are more or less, we are going to need to hide the folders and files on the hard drive of a computer or any removable drive, for example, a USB drive.

Wise Folder Hider is an application that allows you to easily hide any folder or file. All hidden files and folders will be totally inaccessible, even using other operating systems.

Thus, it will be impossible to see the contents of a  pen disk even if it is connected to a computer with macOS or Linux. It will only be possible to see them in the original operating system, running the application and typing the password that protects them.

To totally hide folders and files

A master password is used to protect all files and folders. This password is valid for most users. For those who need more protection there is the option of double protection with additional password. So you can set a new password for each file or folder.

To consider

Wise Folder Hider is a free application that, in addition to all of the above, also supports drag and drop.

It installs a new option in the contextual menu (the one that is activated with the right mouse button) that allows you to activate the hiding of files and folders, by clicking on the icon of each one of them.

Among the languages ​​it supports is Spanish. Even if a file is copied to be opened and edited on another computer, Wise Folder Hider does not allow you to carry out the action.

Those responsible for the application tell us the following about it:

Unlike other folder hiders, when it comes to modifying a hidden file or folder, users don’t have to show it, edit it, and then hide it again. A single click on the ‘Open’ button will open the hidden file or folder, making it visible to you. You can then edit or modify it as if it had been hidden. When you’re done editing, close the program and the file or folder will automatically hide again, saving you extra steps. This amazing feature is useful when you hide some files that you frequently use or edit.


Among the options offered by  Wise Folder Hider, the following stand out:

  • Hide files and folders : Protect your private or important data from unauthorized access and deletion. Second level password for specific files, folders or drives also increases security.
  • Hide the contents of USB drives : When you have to share a USB drive with other people, some important files will be read by others. With this app you can hide and password protect your personal files and folders on USB drive with just one click. If we lose the USB drive, the important files will not be accessible.
  • Multiple Layers of Password Protection : When using the program for the first time it is necessary to set a login password. Within the program, you can set a second level password for each file, folder, or USB drive. Any other person cannot uninstall the program without the login password.
  • Context menu and very easy to use interface : The interface is very intuitive. When installing this program, an item called Hide File/Folder with Wise Folder Hider is automatically added to the context menu. Users can hide files or folders by right-clicking on them without running Wise Folder Hider .


Wise Folder Hider works on the latest versions of Windows. To get the application go to Wise Folder Hider . In the latest versions of the program, it supports double password protection, as we have indicated.

As we have already indicated, it is the ideal program to prevent curious people from trying to find out what we store on our personal or business computer.

In addition to the free version of the application, there is another paid version,  Wise Folder Hider Pro , with more features.