How do I know if I move 1 kilometer away from my house?

Knowing if I move 1 kilometer away from my house is something that every user should know since in this way we will know when we move away from a predetermined perimeter. That is why, if you need to program a GPS alarm that allows you to be notified when you get too far from your home, the MrAppsGeek has the solution . In this tutorial you will learn how to find out if you have strayed from your home perimeter using an app called Wake Me There .

What is Wake Me There and what is it for?

Wake Me There is a free application that allows you to program GPS alarms based on your geolocation in this way you will be able to limit an area in which, in case of exceeding it, you will be notified with a GPS notification . This is very useful if you are confined to a perimeter, since you will be able to know up to which areas bordering on your home you can move freely and the best thing is that it is fully configurable as we will see below.

Why is it important to create GPS alarms ?

Knowing how to make notifications based on your location is something very useful and can help you in your day to day, for example for situations such as:

  • In the event that the State limits confinement, you will know the exact distance at which you can move away from home through GPS .
  • If you fall asleep on the bus you can set an alarm before reaching your destination.
  • In case of house arrests .
  • Also for restraining order .

How to know if I move 1 kilometer away from home by GPS

The first thing we must do is download the Wake Me There app from Google Play.

Download Wake Me There Free

You can install this app to create alarms based on your GPS location directly from the Play Store via the link below .

How to configure Wake Me There Easy and Fast

The first thing we must do when opening the application is to configure the following parameters: Language, Unit and the color of the interface (light or dark). Once we finish we will click to save the changes .

How to create a geographic alarm by GPS

In this section we can create a notification by GPS location , we only have to mark the point of origin.

The next thing will be to accept the necessary permissions for Wake Me There to access the location of our device, we will then click on “Allow”.

We will click on the icon at the top right to know our position on a map in real time .

How to know if I move away from an area by GPS (Step by Step)

To create a location alarm we must follow these steps:

  1. Click on the map to mark a point of origin .
  2. We select the distance of the perimeter (It can be 500 meters, 1 kilometer or whatever we want depending on our needs).
  3. We leave it set to “When Exiting” , in this way the mobile will ring if you get too far from an area .
  4. Finally we will click on “Save” .

And that’s it, this way I’ll be able to know if I move 1 km away from home easily and quickly . If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Do not forget to share this tutorial, this way you can help other people… Thank you very much!