Back in time were the files that we downloaded from a primitive Internet that barely weighed 1 Megabit , but like everything, with the passing of the years and the explosion of multimedia on the Internet with movies, games and music, downloading a file over the network can take hours and even days . That is why it is inevitable to use a download manager that allows us to leave a file in the middle to continue downloading it the next day. And that is precisely the reason why you have come to MrAppsGeek because you want to know how Jdownloader 2 works , so let me tell you that you have come to the right place since we will see how it is downloaded, usedand the solution to the problems that may arise in the process.

What is JDownloader 2 and what is it for?

It is an open source download manager designed in Java that allows you to download files with digest. In other words, imagine you want to download a 200Gb file and you have a slow connection, downloading something like that could take weeks. Well, thanks to Jdownloader 2 you will be able to download the file in a fragmented way and when you feel like it, since you can turn off the PC and continue the next day with the download just where you left it.

Differences Between JDownloader 1 and 2

Basically the most notable differences is that version 2 is much more stable and consumes much less system resources.

How much does it weigh?


Download JDownloader 2 Free

You can download the latest version of Jdownloader in Spanish for FREE from its official page at the following link .

This download manager is available for:

  • JDownloader for Windows 10 , 8 and 7 64-bit and 32.
  • Linux X86 and x64.
  • Mac OS X Version 10.7Mac OS Version 10.6 and higher.

JDownloader For Windows 10 64 Bits and 32 Bits

To download JDownloader for PC we must click on the section that says “Windows” and download the installer, once downloaded we just have to follow the steps and the installation folder.

How JDownloader 2 Works

In this tutorial on JDownloader you will learn how to download files with this download gesture easily and quickly .

Tutorial About JDownloader In Spanish

To do this, all you have to do is copy the URL of any download file , be it MEGA, Google Drive, etc. So we will do the following:

  1. We select the URL and give it the right mouse button.
  2. We click on “Copy” .

How to download in jdownloader 2

Now we go to the tab that says “Link Grabber” the URL that we have copied to the clipboard will have appeared, now we will do the following:

  1. We make sure that the URL appears .
  2. We can click on “Explore” to choose where the links are saved in JDownloader 2 .
  3. Once everything is correct, we click on “Add and Start Download” .

If everything went well, the download of our file will begin in the “Downloads” section .

JDownloader Slow Down How do I fix it ?

It is possible that JDownloader is very slow , this can be due to several factors:

Problems With Your Connection

Try using another network , you may experience connection problems from your web provider.

Problems With The Hosting Of The File You Download

The server from which you are downloading the file may have problems or may have limited your download speed . For example, MEGA caps its service past 5 GB of downloads per day.

Disable the Antivirus

It is possible that the FireWall of your antivirus is limiting your download speed in JDownloader , here you will find more information on how to deactivate it .

How to Make JDownloader 2 Download Faster

To speed up JDownloader to the maximum, the default settings are the best , however make sure that you do not have the “Speed ​​Limit” activated in “Settings” .

What to Do When JDownloader Says Bandwidth Limit Exceeded ?

As we have said, some providers such as MEGA limit their downloads to free accounts , which is why if you download these files and exceed their daily capacity, JDownloader says Bandwidth Limit Exceeded .

How do I solve it ?

You can do 2 things to fix this problem:

  1. Wait 24 hours to download the file again.
  2. Follow this tutorial to remove the limit to MEGA .

How to Start JDownloader With Windows

In order for JDownloader to start with Windows 10 , we must put the shortcut icon in JDownloader in the following path:

  • C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart Menu

The “ProgramData” folder is hidden so you should use this tutorial to know how to unhide files in Windows . In case it is not very clear to you, here is a video that summarizes the steps:

If you have any opinion of JDownlaoder 2 or simply it has not been very clear to you how it is configured, you can always leave me a comment. Remember, your support is very important, so you would make me very happy if you share this article with your social networks.