How many devices can you watch Amazon Prime Video on?

On – demand audiovisual content applications allow you to connect multiple devices at the same time. This can occur between devices of the same user, for example, a mobile phone , tablet and computer belonging to the same person, but they can also be used with other people’s devices.

This second option is becoming more and more common, especially in families or groups of friends. The modus operandi is to divide the payment of this subscription among all the users who benefit from it. In this way, with less money you can contract several subscriptions to different platforms.

Next, we are going to show you if an Amazon Prime Video account can be shared and how many devices can be linked at the same time.

Can You Share An Amazon Prime Video Account? 2023

It is increasingly common for streaming platforms to allow multiple devices to be connected at the same time , from the same or different clients. Netflix is ​​one of the companies that is most open to the fact that its users share accounts, with this it gets customers that perhaps paying a full fee would not obtain.

In the case of Amazon Prime Video , this platform is not as open to sharing an account among multiple users, although it is possible to share an account , it is possible to use multiple devices on the same Amazon Prime Video account.

How many devices can be connected to Amazon Prime Video? 2023

The case of Amazon Prime Video is curious, since it has no limit when connecting a series of devices. You can have infinite devices linked to one person or several, the only requirement that this platform poses is that there can only be 3 devices playing content at the same time .

The Amazon Prime subscription is one of the cheapest at the moment, taking into account its catalog of movies and series, it is very profitable. In addition, you will be able to receive packages in 24 hours in millions of products on its website, have access to Amazon Music and link your account with Twitch to subscribe to the channels of your favorite streamers.

The fact that you can share an account with countless users does not make them lose money, far from it, but it is a way of attracting new customers who still cannot afford the monthly subscription payment, not even the Prime Student pack.

How Many Amazon Prime Video Profiles Can You Create? 2023

The fact of having several users using the same account can lead to certain problems, the most common being that the content that one user has seen and another has not seen is mixed, or series in which one user is more advanced than another.

To fix this confusion, some video-on-demand platforms like Netflix allow you to create multiple profiles , each linked to a user. The solution is very clear, each person has the same catalog as the rest of the group but their individual viewing data is saved without mixing with that of the other users in their collaborative group.

In the case of Amazon Prime Video it is somewhat different, since despite having the option to create several profiles . The way to access the content is by entering the user’s account, with which the access data will be needed that only the people involved will know.

How Many Amazon Prime Apps Can Be Installed On Smart TV?

Amazon Prime is one of the most popular streaming apps right now. Smart TVs allow you to install applications from audiovisual content platforms such as YouTube , HBO , Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, DAZN , etc.

This is much more comfortable for users because they will only have to open the application and they will not have to enter the passwords every time they want to enter, even more so considering how complicated it is to write on a television.

As in the number of devices, Amazon Prime Video has no limit when it comes to installing your application on a smart TV . This application can be installed on an unlimited number of televisions and be linked to the same Amazon account, although it has the same drawback when it comes to watching movies and series simultaneously.

It does not matter if a mobile device, tablet or PC is used, or if it is linked to a TV. Only 3 users will be able to see the content of your catalogue , whatever the way of linking it.

Link Amazon Prime with Twitch Prime

Twitch is becoming increasingly popular, streamers have a particularly easy time reaching young people, and Amazon Prime has been able to capture these new trends.

For some time you will be able to see all the content of Twitch from Amazon Prime. This does not mean that you cannot see this content without being Prime, but thanks to your Amazon Prime subscription you can also subscribe to the channel of your favorite streamers and give them the famous “subs” for free.

Does Amazon Prime Video Give Access To Full Amazon Account?

You have to be very careful with whom you share your Amazon Prime Video account because it will be linked to your Amazon prime account , this can not only lead to a funny situation like you want to give the other person a gift and they find out because it appears on your orders.

An Amazon account is linked to a bank account or a Paypal card , in order to be used it is essential that it be subject to a payment method . The person you share the account with will also have access to that payment method. This means you will be able to place orders and have them charged to your card or reactivate Prime account and find a payment on hold on your account .

In the case of orders that are especially dangerous, Amazon is not responsible for this type of conflict when sharing an account . In addition, it is as simple as changing the shipping address, but not the payment method.

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