How Much Data Does An Apex Legends Mobile Game Use?

Apex Legends Mobile is without a doubt one of the best mobile games in the middle of 2023 as it offers the user a gaming experience very similar to that of PC but in the palm of their hand. However, it must be remembered that this is a title designed for Smartphones that requires a continuous connection to be able to be played . For this reason, some concerned readers have written to us asking us how much data a game of Apex Legends Mobile uses up, since they fear that this game will quickly end up with the megabytes of its rates. Well, in MrAppsGeek we have already carried out the pertinent tests with the My Data Manager application and throughout this simple article you will leave all doubt.

Download My Data Manager 2023

To find out how many megabytes a game of Apex Legends Mobile consumes, we have used My Data Manager , which is a free app that allows us to monitor the Internet consumption of any process that runs on our phone.

You can install My Data Manager directly from the Play Store via the following link .

How much data does an Apex Legends Mobile game use up? 2023

To know the Internet consumption of a game of Apex Legends Mobile, you should know that during the entire game time the title had the following characteristics:

Once the doubts in the previous section have been cleared up, to discover how much Internet Apex Legends Mobile spends , we will have to access the My Data Manager app and select the 3 horizontal lines on the top left.

In the side menu on the left we must access “Applications” .

How Many Megas Does Apex Legends Mobile 2023 Consume?

After playing a game of Apex Legends Mobile for 20 minutes the game has consumed 9.65 Mb or what is the same 4.825 Mb for every 10 minutes .

It should be noted that these values ​​are approximate since the connection influences, if we have previously downloaded maps and other elements of the game. However, it must be emphasized that they are very similar values ​​to those we already obtained in CoD Mobile , Pokemon Unite or Diablo Immortal .

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