How to ACCELERATE the Windows 10 START MENU

Windows 10 is a highly configurable operating system which has a multitude of effects that make it very pleasing to the eye, the only problem with all this is performance . That is why we have already made a tutorial to optimize Windows 10 to the maximum for low-end computers . Today, however, we are going to add a new optimization trick , specifically it would be based on tips to speed up the Windows 10 start menu easily and quickly , do you want to know how to do it? Well, I invite you to read this article, don’t worry. it will take more than 2 minutes.

Instructions To Speed ​​Up The Start Menu In Windows 10

The first thing we must do to speed up the start menu in Win10 is the following:

  1. We go to the file manager and select “This Computer” .
  2. We right click on “Properties” .

Once inside “System” we will tell you where it says “Advanced System Configuration” .

How to speed up the Windows 10 Start Menu

We will see that a window called “System Properties” has opened , since we must click on “Settings” in the performance section .

Speed ​​up Start Menu Windows 10

Then in “Performance Options” to be able to speed up the start menu to the maximum we must deactivate these 2 options:

  • Animate windows by minimizing and maximizing.
  • Animate controls and elements within windows.

And that’s it, now if we open the Windows 10 start menu we will see how the smooth animations have been eliminated in this way we will consume less system resources and it will work much faster .

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