How to access a computer via remote control

From time to time it is necessary to have access to another computer from the one you have installed on the table in the living room, in the office or at school. Current operating systems have tools capable of displaying the desktop of the remote computer on the one in front of you.

There are also applications that offer better features and are easier to configure and customize. Here we have already talked about some of these applications, to see the articles you just have to go to remote desktop .

What does NoMachine offer?

Today we make you a new proposal. NoMachine is a powerful, yet simple application that allows remote connection and control of computers and devices. It works with computers running Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as mobile devices running Android and iOS.

With this application it is possible to travel at the speed of light from your computer or device to any of those that are connected. When the connection is established, easily and quickly, it is possible to enter the remote computer and manage it as if we were sitting in front of it.

Work with all kinds of content

The program allows you to work with any type of content. Thus, it is possible to enjoy the audio and video files, examine all kinds of documents, or use the image retouching application installed on the remote computer, among other possibilities. If you work with other people, it is possible to use NoMachine to help carry out the tasks entrusted to each one. It is, therefore, ideal for teamwork. Everything will be done safely.

immediate activation

All folders, files, drives and devices are immediately activated on the different machines. Thus, for example, it is possible to print a file from a computer, mobile phone or tablet to a local printer. The opposite can also be done, from the local computer to the remote printer. The same is true if you want to use a USB disk on the remote computer and read it on the local computer.

To consider

This is what those responsible for NoMachine tell us about this application:

When people talk about NoMachine, many think of Linux. This is because NoMachine ‘s first product , in 2003, revolutionized Linux and the X-Windows system, the Unix world’s standard remote computing system. Since then, NoMachine has developed its technology to cover all major mobile, desktop and server operating systems, so much so that it now works on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Raspberry with the same unsurpassed ease and performance .


It is a free application that you can download on all your computers by accessing NoMachine . A new version of the program just came out today.

With it you will be having a personal, private and secure server, which you can put into action at any time and in any place.

There are also versions of the program, not free, intended for companies: NoMachine Enterprise Desktop and NoMachine Terminal Server .