How to access the desktop of a computer remotely

At any time we are going to need to access our desktop computer or our laptop without sitting in front of it. There are a few applications that deal with it. Notable on the list is  Chrome Remote Desktop , a complete tool that emerged a little over three years ago, which can be used from the web browser or through a mobile application for iOS and Android.

The tool supports two types of access,  Remote Access and  Remote Assistance , each with its own characteristics. With this tool you will be able to access the desktop of your computer wherever you are. You can do it from your mobile phone, your tablet or from another computer easily and with total security. Of course, as long as the computer accessed is turned on and connected to the Internet. It is also a free tool.

But it is not only possible to do what is indicated in the previous paragraph, you can also receive and provide remote assistance. Thus it is possible to run any of the applications that we have on our usual computer remotely, or ask for help in order to resolve the doubts that arise. We can also help a friend or acquaintance quickly and efficiently.

Remote access

After entering the Chrome Remote Desktop home page,  we will have to click on the Access my computer link , which appears in the upper right part, and also under the header. We will see that the first step consists of configuring the computer to which we are going to have access so that it is enabled to make the desktop visible. We will need to download an application and install it as an extension in Google Chrome.

After clicking on the link that appears in the browser’s toolbar, a page similar to the previous one will be displayed again. We are now told to download the application for our computer, be it a Windows, Linux or macOS computer. After finishing the download you will have to, on the same page,  Accept and install , following the instructions. It will ask us to provide a 6-digit PIN, which must be entered each time access is activated.

Remote Assistance

The process to follow to activate  Remote Assistance is similar to the previous one. The first thing to do to receive assistance is also to download the extension for Google Chrome. The user who has to access the remote computer to receive assistance must have an access code, previously provided.

Options offered include Share this screen , which is intended to allow other users to access and control your computer. It is also possible to access another computer after entering the access PIN.


To get this tool you have to access Chrome Remote Desktop . As we have already indicated, it can be used from the web browser or using the  corresponding app for mobile devices.