How to Activate Basic Mode in Google Chrome

In the middle of 2023, 80% of Internet queries are made through mobile devices, this undoubtedly translates into a large consumption of mobile data . That is why all the resources to save data in our rate will be well received and that is precisely what you will learn today in MrAppsGeek , since we are going to teach you how to activate the basic mode in Google Chrome on mobile phones to save as much as possible on the consumption of data .

What Is The Basic Mode Of Google Chrome And What Is It For?

It is an advanced data saving mode of Google Chrome that allows you to save up to 60% of mobile data . Its operation is simple, when it is activated, Chrome will be able to detect if a website takes more than 5 seconds to load and it will show us a basic page with essential content . It will also allow you to save your rate data to the maximum thanks to the use of Google servers.

How To Enable Basic Mode In Google Chrome 2023

If Chrome consumes a lot of data on your mobile device, activating the basic mode will allow you to save a lot of megabytes in your mobile rate . To do this, we must meet a series of requirements.

Requirements To Activate This Mode

  • It is not available in incognito mode .
  • Use the Google Chrome mobile app.
  • Browse from a data rate.

How to Activate Data Saver in Google Chrome? 2023

The first thing we should do is enter our Chrome browser and hit the 3 vertical points on the top right.

A side menu will open with many options, because of all the only one that works for us is “Settings” , we enter inside.

In “Settings” we will see many options but among all of them stands out one called “Basic Mode” in which we can see the percentage of data saved , we enter inside.

How To Connect Basic Mode In Google Chrome

In this section we will see a tab which we must activate to turn on the basic mode in Google Chrome . We will also have access to a graph and the Web portals that have saved the most in our rate in recent sessions.

Disable Chrome Data Saver Mode

In the same way, at any time we can disable the basic mode tab to return to the original configuration.

As you have seen, activating basic mode is a good way to save data in Chrome on mobile devices . If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Do not forget that if you share this tutorial you will be able to help many more people and that is appreciated. For that I