How to Activate Dark Mode in Google Play Store

Activating the dark mode in the Google Play Store is a resource that you should know if you spend many hours in front of the Google application store, since it will allow you not only to save battery but also to rest your eyes from annoying white pixels. Perhaps you may think that it is a difficult process, but the truth is that you can put the black background of the Play Store in a few steps and natively. In this tutorial of MrAppsGeek we will explain it to you step by step, even with a simple video about how it is done easily and quickly .

What Is The Dark Mode Of The Google Play Store And What Is It For?

It is a mode in which we can change the theme of the Google store (which is white and light by default) for a darker mode . In this way we can save more battery and rest our eyes since white backgrounds disrupt and disturb not only our vision, but also our sleep schedules.

How to activate the dark mode of Google Play 2023

To put the dark mode in the Play Store , the first thing we must do is click on the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left of the application store .

A left side menu will appear in which we must enter the section that says “Settings” .

Once inside “Settings” we will see many options but the only one that will interest us of all is “Theme” , we enter inside.

How to put the dark mode in Google Play 2023

In the window that will appear below we will see a menu with the following options:

  • Clear.
  • Dark.
  • System default.

Among all the options, the only one that interests us is “Dark” , we select it.

If everything went well, we will see how now our Play Store app store has a dark gray background .

How to Disable Dark Mode in Google Play Store 2023

To remove the dark mode in the Play Store , all we have to do is reverse the previous steps, for this, we will follow this route:

  • We enter Play Store> Settings> Theme> Default system.

And in this simple way you could enable or eliminate the black background in the Google Store easily and quickly . If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Do not forget that you have at your disposal the different social network buttons to share this content… Thank you!